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3D Crafter freeware

3D Crafter

Version: 10.2 B2007 | Size: 29.20 MB | Filename: 3DCrafter.msi
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3D modelling and animation provide everything you need to create complex models with ready-made 3D primitives or object creation tools. Textbooks and sample drawings make this program an excellent introduction to modelling and 3D animation. Although a sophisticated design of functions characterises the 3D canvas, you may need some time to learn about the features.

Fortunately, the tutorials and help files are excellent. The launch of the model is surprisingly easy. Just drag one of the predefined primitives to the workspace and start placing your object in the scene. You can draw 3D objects and animate their shapes and positions in real time or save them in an AVI video file to distribute your creation. The 3D Canvas interface is exceptionally intuitive. The objects and pallets are easily accessible through tabs and transparent panels.

This free version of 3D Canvas is an excellent program with many different functions.

3D Crafter is a complete and reliable application built as a 3D modelling tool that offers several functions and advanced animation capabilities. The program uses drag and drops as the primary method to add elements to your design.

3D Crafter gives you the ability to create, edit, simulate, distort and colour 3D objects or even scenes. The "Create" section allows you to explore the component library and select the shapes or primitive objects you want to work with, for example, cubes, spheres or cylinders and bones.

From the "material range," you can choose the preferred material , the map and the texture applicable to your object. Each added shape can be customised to fit your design, so you can reduce, collapse and soften to your liking.

Also, you can add lighting to your scene using the available elements: Spot, Spotlight, Area Light and Directional Light.

To animate a three-dimensional shape, you must place it in the scene and then adjust the location of the camera using the "navigation control" in the corner of the main window. It determines the angle of capture and display of your animation.

Animations are created using keyframes, which are substantially instantaneous of how the scene looks at different times. The "animation slider" allows you to specify the points by which you must pass your form by converting them into "keyframes".

3D Crafter can also create AVI video files of your work.

3D Crafter can import a significant amount of the most popular 3D object files, as well as freely import models available on the Internet. The free version is limited in some of its features.

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Last versions of 3D Crafter
Version Change log
3D Crafter 10.2 B2007 Sep 10, 2017
3D Crafter 9.3 Build 16 Jan 12, 2015 New View Options:
· Each scene view now provides quick access to common view options via auto-expanding option buttons. Immediate previews of the options are applied to the scene via hover-over previews.

View Options Saved:
· Options for a particular view are now saved to allow swapping back and forth between view modes without losing view position, orientation, grid mode, or view mode.

Auto-Aligning Edit Control:
· The Edit Control can now be aligned to the current selection, to reduce the amount of mouse movement required to complete common tasks.

Enhanced Selection Box:
· The selection box that outlines shapes, now includes a color-coded direction indicator to show what direction each of the Edit Control functions will affect.

In-View Quick Access Operation Buttons:
· Quick access to operations can now be displayed in-view.
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10.2 B2007

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