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Advanced Trigonometry Calculator freeware

Advanced Trigonometry Calculator

Version: 2.1.1 | Size: 2.80 MB
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The Trigonometric calculator is the best device to solve the mathematical as well as scientific results to the people. This is first calculator was made from Renato Alexandre and this will have more features and latest features to integrate with trigonometric calculations. In addition, this would have lots of capabilities to solve the calculations and also this will give full response to four different kinds of numerical system. This will have command mode to give force to solve the trigonometric result, this is mainly responsible for SI prefixes, create the variables, easy to access the past results, provide different expression and also have more ability to solve many equations. The main features of this tool are used to give mass calculations and also provide smart processing for the text files. This will have more capability to solve different types of mathematical functions as well as calculations. This tool would have different functions to aid the application for users. This tool help the people make complex expression and also sued to give multiple numeric system calculations like binary format, hexa decimal format and octal format. This tool will use the same expression to solve the variety of numerical system and this is the perfect tool to make numerical calculations. The variable creation of this tool will give simple and easy way to perform the complex calculations. In addition, this will have many features and advantages to interact with the mathematical calculations. This tool will provide SI units as well as the measurement of prefix time to the people. This calculator tool helps to give current time and date to the people. The people can able to see the previous results in this tool and the can utilize the space key for any time freely. This tool would have more ability to perform arithmetic calculations among the current expression as well as the previous expression. This is the best and most advanced tool for all users. Besides, this will have parentheses system process and this tool would have more capacity to check and verify the entering data. This tool will make the variable validation along with the rename and this will give more expression along with multiple mathematical expressions. This is the best tool to give more mathematical performance to the people

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Last versions of Advanced Trigonometry Calculator
Version Change log
Advanced Trigonometry Calculator 2.1.1 Feb 21, 2021 New feature:
- Autocomplete: helping entering data, giving suggestions. e.g write something, press TAB and next Enter and should be displayed something to help you.
- New optional parameters for graph feature, e.g. graph(radsin(x);02pi.0523599)
- Fixed scripts feature.
- Less access to disk memory and more to RAM: ATC is now faster than before, i.e. less read and write to disk memory and used ram memory instead.
- Equation Solver: created an ordering algorithm to sort roots of polynomials, e.g. especially for polynomial with roots of type complex number.
Advanced Trigonometry Calculator 2.0.8 Feb 10, 2020 Local and Global variables: for ".txt" files processing and for scripting files is
Created a dedicated folder to save the variables of type string and numerical.
Two new commands: e.g. "ascending order(6_212_24)" and "descending
Order(6_212_24)" equal to "-24, -2, 6, 12" and to "12, 6, -2, -24".
Advanced Trigonometry Calculator 2.0.7 Dec 13, 2019 New features
ATC Commander --> A Really Great New Feature!
Input commands at one click!
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