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Allice is a learning based programming language used by teaches, school level learners and university students to create 3D animation, play and share games or videos. It is designed to teach young people object-orientated programming in a fun and visual way. It is free open source program although some of the teaching materials are password locked.

Features and Function

Alice supports multiple languages. It has an easy drag and drop interface. You don’t need to be an expert or have advanced math to use it. Alice program pride itself on being an easy and fun way to:

  • Learn to program
  • Tell Stories
  • Build games

Alice has a dedicated Audio Library. In this library you can find open sourced audio material you can add to your animations to create a certain mood. It supports MP3 and .wav audio files and has playAudio command created for this function. There is also a Sound Library Expansion Pack One to download packed with great sound effects including boats, collision and swimmers sound effects. You have an option to use your own sound as well.

It has Exercises and Projects section with tutorial to teach you how to create object. The lessons can be downloaded in PDF format and printed. It is best to start at the Hello World exercise. It is a beginner’s lessons on how to create a program. Other tutorials include scene building, animation design, making procedural methods, and introduction to events

There is a Textbook section where teachers can download instructor manuals. Some of these are password protected and you need to sign in or register to gain access. These text books teach computing, animation and Java.

The How To section teaches you about scene editing including how to add, position, resize, and manipulate objects. It also includes interactivity and coding editors. If there is anything you would like to create Alice has a coding for it, if they don’t ask them to code it. This free programing app is packed with content including the Sims video games downloads. It comes with simple drag and drop block based coding that is easy to understand. You can view your created code through Java side by side. You even have an option to code in Java using Alice NetBeans Library plug-in.

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Version Change log
Alice Apr 11, 2019 Performance fix to address issue related to new autosave that overtaxes CPU – Update recommended for all 3.3.1 users especially those using Linux and Mac
Alice Jun 6, 2017 Performance fix to address issue related to new autosave that overtaxes CPU – Update recommended for all 3.3.1 users especially those using Linux and Mac
Alice Jun 6, 2017 New Features!
Added whole new top level class: Slitherers
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