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Ammyy Admin

Version: 3.0 | Size: 0.68 MB | Filename: AA_v3.exe
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Ammyy Admin is easy remote configuration desktop software. It is one of the best means to establish remote desktop connections. Using Ammyy Admin, you can easily share the desktop which is remote or just control the server online. Not matter where you reside, Ammyy Admin will help in accessing the remote desktop within few seconds and in a safe manner.

About 40,000,000 corporate and personal users are using this Ammyy Admin server. Even the system admin function can help one to manage the network servers and computers remotely. This is possible because of the lack of the presences of the firewall problems and NAT settings adjustments. You can assist your friends and colleagues with the help of this remote access software and become confident that all the data transmitted is highly secured and safe.

Basically, using this Ammyy Admin as a tool for remote desktop control and connection is the best means to save money and time. In addition, with this server, you can easily access the remote office personal computer desktop within an ease and at any time. The remote office feature will help you to quickly and easily access the remote office desktop (Office version) through the Internet from any place and at any time. The remote access desktop feature helps to access and make it quite easy to recover important items and documents from the personal computer of your office or it can activate and make the software live that is installed in the PC.

The Ammyy Admin tool helps in the easy arrangement of the online presentations and even to take virtual classes online. It is easy to host a presentation which often features the class materials that are stored in the remote desktop. This makes it easy for participants and students located in virtual classroom to communicate with each other through the real time voice chat method.

Basically, what makes Ammyy Admin the best software when compared to the hundreds found in the market is that there is no installation or download required. To begin the desktop control session using the Ammyy Admin, you won’t need to download and do any installation. Even you won’t need to install any or huge massive remote desktop apps that could bring dozens of files and records into one single location for the user.

The only thing that you have to do is just install a tiny Ammyy Admin exe file which is about 0.5 Mb and start it. After that you have to enter the computer ID with which you can make the connection. It is quite simple and the easiest way to make connection to the remote personal computer, thereby avoiding the common tedious arrangements which are present in other software. In addition, it would only take you about twenty seconds to download the Ammyy Admin in the first remote session.

Another basic feature of Ammyy Admin is that it can work transport of firewalls and behind the NAT. So, it means that you can easily establish various accesses to the remote machine using any computer which is connected online. No matter how much real the Internet Protocol address is or what is behind the NAT in the LAN. This option will easily help you in gaining access to home PC and remote office from all around the world along with keeping up the high and atmost level in the data transfer security.

So what is this utmost level of precaution in data transfer security?  The Ammyy Admin tool provides its users with sophisticated and authenticated settings along with options to gain access manually with the help of predetermined password or computer identification. This works in the basic combination of the advanced hybrid encryption and algorithm (AES + RSA).  Basically the encryptions and the standard features used in this software is quite famous for the reliability it has and is used by the governments of various countries.

Now the file manager and built in voice chat feature is a unique feature and this makes Ammyy Admin one of the best tools as remote desktop connection. It can even control the connection and act as a free tool for various voice transfers with partners and relatives online. In addition, Ammyy Admin just offers an easy file manager making it easy and quite quick to access files from the remote personal computers.

There is the highest level of data and transfer security with regard to Ammyy Admin. It offers a best and great sophisticated set of authentication setting, which can provide options for gaining access manually, through the predefined computer IDs and password. Basically, all these factors can work in relation and combination of the advanced algorithm. The best part is that the encryption standards used are quite well known for the reliability and is commonly used by the Government.

The Ammyy Admin provides the instant feature to the users to activate a remote server or PC (which is unattended). Even there is the option to restart the PC remotely and log in or log off and also to switch users. Currently, the given feature is the most common one among the system admin. So, the question that comes to most of the people’s mind is what is remote desktop access and how is it going to work.

Basically, the term just implies a secured remote access towards a distant personal computer. This is achievable through good desktop sharing software. Moreover, it can even help in processing images that gets displayed on the remote PC and bring it live on the local PC. Here the essences of the procedure lie in the normal copy of the remote personal computer display and trying to redraw it on the local machine. The movements of the mouse and keyboard inputs are even communicated through the remote computer, where the machine would interrupt them. It would be like a normal person sitting and inputting in front of a computer.

All the basic information have to be send when the session is going one and it is then compressed so that the desired productivity and operation for the low and high bandwidth connection is achieved.

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