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Android Studio

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If an individual wants to develop an android app, Android Studio is the way to go. It is an integrated development environment (IDE) developed by Google and Jet Brains. It is built on JetBrain’s IntelliJ IDEA software.Android development is the new boon in the software world and thus comes the need for a faster and efficient tool. Android studio provides that than the previous tools like Eclipse Android Development Tools (ADT). The functional code is written in Java language and runs on different platforms like Windows, macOS and Linux.

Studio offers efficient coding environment. One of the best features of the Studio is Instant Run. It allows you to see the effects of the changes in code immediately in the running app without the need to restart the app. It provides an user friendly code editor providing suggestions and different features like refactoring and code analysis. You can install and start your apps real fast with the help of Android Emulator and stimulates various features like GPS location, motion sensors etc. It has a flexible build system with many local and hosted libraries to configure your project. There are tools like GitHub and Subversion which help in syncing your team and provide them update on project and build changes. Apps can be build for all android devices like phones, tablets, Tv etc. Various projects and code templates are included to add patterns like view pager. Sample apps can be imported from GitHub. You can test your Android apps with the help of JUnit 4 and functional UI test frameworks. 

Layout Editor based on ConstraintLayout API allows you to build a layout adaptive of different screen sizes. The APK Analyzer inspects your APK contents. You can reduce the overall APK size, preview packaged assets and comparing two APKs. It is very easy to create an image of every size with the help of Vector Asset Studio. You can import SVG or PSD file or select from design icons provided by Google. You can change or add translations or find missing translations with the help of translations editor. You can add services like Authentication, Notifications etc. by connecting your app to Firebase with the help of Firebase Assistant. 

There are many things we find really useful. Support for C++ and NDK build scripts without any modifications. The feature to quick fix various issues like performance, security and correctness we find one of the best. And that too with a single click, what else we could want. Coding language is easy to implement and the intelligent code editor made it an enjoyable coding experience for us.

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Last versions of Android Studio
Version Change log
Android Studio 3.6.3 Apr 17, 2020 This minor release fixes a caching issue for modules with DataBinding and bundles the Kotlin 1.3.71 plugin.
Android Studio 3.6.2 Apr 1, 2020 General fixes:
This update includes fixes for the following public issues: C++ Build
Issue #143411149: Syncing after any change to any Gradle file forces full rebuild of native code
Android Studio 3.6.1 Feb 26, 2020 General fixes:
This update includes fixes for the following public issues:
Android Gradle Plugin:
Issue #149193056: Suppress warning about :buildSrc:configurePrecompiledScriptDependenciesResolver being non-incremental
Issue #149883012: com.android.zipflinger.Zip is too generic of a name
Issue #148974861: [Android Library Publishing] Do not publish VariantAttr attribute for *all* component
Apply Changes:
Issue #144236330: "Apply Changes and Restart Activity" and "Rerun Tests" commands use the same keyboard shortcut
Data Binding:
Issue #149045351: Does view binding work between modules?
Issue #124680708: Git Push Crashes from IDE
Lint Inspections:
Issue #149753966: "Unguarded field access" inspection does nor work for androidx.annotation.GuardedBy
Issue #149342692: Navigation resource is not being found by Lint
Prefab Integration:
Issue #149575364: IllegalStateException from Run button in AS when using native dependencies with android.enableParallelJsonGen=true
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