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Andy OS is a free android emulator that allows users to use their favorite Android applications on their Windows PC or Mac. This program allows users to run their Android apps on  full-screen and resizable windows, as well as use their smartphones as controllers to make the experience truly immersive.

Andy OS presents a clean and minimal user interface that works with both touch-screen and traditional computer displays. For desktop-only use, the app would work best with a touch-screen display. With a touch-screen PC, users can make use of functions like multitouch support and sensor integration, just like they would on Android devices. The app works with mouse and keyboard, too, but users might as well make use of this app’s smartphone-as-controller feature.

The controller to dekstop setup is surprisingly easy. Using your phone as a controller takes four simple steps. Users simply need to download the Andy OS app, connect their phone and computer to the same network, and then run the application on both the computer and phone.

Unlike other emulators, Andy OS allows you to minimize and resize the windows, as well as choose between portrait and landscape modes. The app is responsive and quickly adjusts to the screen size. Users also have the option to set a specific resolution and DPI. Hardware selection is convenient, and users can select which microphone and camera to use for their phone-to-desktop use.

It provides unlimited storage and enables users to download new applications directly from their dekstop browser. Smartphones typically restrict storage space, which can become a hassle when users need  to download new apps or upgrade existing applications. With Andy OS, there is greater storage space, so users can download more applications from this emulator.

Andy OS provides a solution for problems with limited battery. Games are known for their quick draining of batteries, and for phones with weak battery life, this can be a problem. Running applications on the desktop takes away this problem, and gives users the chance to play for extended periods. 

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