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Learning can be difficult and challenging sometimes. If you are studying foreign language, medical or law; then you must know the pain better than me. But here is good news for you all who find it completely difficult to remember things and lessons. Anki is first of its kinds freeware software solution designed and developed to help young kids and adults to sharpen their memory capacities.

Anki uses different methods involving widest breed of content to make learning fun and engaging. Thus it helps people to quickly learn about anything they want to learn about and saves their time. At the same time Anki also inspires them to learn more about any subject. Anki applies the LaTeX language, scientific mark ups, audio, video, flash cards etc to make sure that everything is learnt with complete information.

Starting from remembering names, places, phone numbers to long poems, guitar chords, geography details, medical terms, law contexts and foreign language vocabulary – Anki will help you in all these cases. It synchronizes with the publisher to stay update, offers flexibility in its layout, links with widest built in flash card database and remains fully extendable. Download Anki to make your memorizing quick and effective. Give it to your kid to help him learn or just use it for yourself. Anki benefits everyone.

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Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

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Last versions of Anki
Version Change log
Anki 2.1.8 Jan 3, 2019 Fix startup on Windows 8.
Fix field content appearing under editor buttons.
Better handle an error when recording.
Fix improper handling of collections with deck errors.
Anki 2.1.7 Dec 17, 2018 Fix "QPushButton has been deleted" error messages after a problem occurs changing note types.
Fix errors during "Check Database" that are just a byproduct of a previous operation that failed.
Anki 2.1.6 Dec 13, 2018 Improvements to the Browse screen and flagging:
Search text is normalized, which fixes problems searching for unicode characters with multiple possible encodings.
The selection is now partially transparent, allowing you to see the underyling colours of the rows.
The screen doesn’t scroll when performing actions that don’t change the selection count.
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