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Anvil Studio freeware

Anvil Studio

Version: 2021.04.01 | Size: 3.70 MB | Filename: asinstall.exe
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Anvil Studio is an audio editing software program that comes packed with a lot of features. It features a piano roll with a multi-level loops capability which allows users to play notes with durations that are as low as a 1/128th note. Every loop on this can indicate another loop, a note 4 a riff. The program also comes with a rhythm editor that facilitates dynamic editing even when the song is playing.

With the Anvil Studio freeware, you can input notes from an external MIDI device, use duplet, quintuplet or suplet notes, use an on-screen keyboard guitar fretboard and even piano. Several effect controls including the option to play notes with a mouse-over movement, per-track mute/solo, pan, and channel fading have been integrated into this program.

The Anvil Studio audio editing tool supports two popular file formats. This software program is essentially a MIDI recorder/ composer and due to this, it supports to main file formats; .MID and .WAV files. But while it lacks MP3/MP4 compatibility, it is easy to find recorders or composers in these formats. What is hard to find is a freeware audio editing program that is capable of handling WAV and MIDI files, and that’s where Anvil Studio comes in.

Anvil Studio audio editing program is designed for Windows users which might not be good news for people with other operating systems. Luckily there no limit to the Windows OS version that you can install this program in. It is compatible with every Windows version including Windows Vista 32 bit, Windows 98, Window 2000, NT 4.0, ME and Windows XP.

Other extra capabilities of the Anvil Studio software is the “Repair Song” menu that lets you correct poorly formatted MIDI files and the echo to SoundCard feature that you can use when recording MIDI from any MIDI input source.

There are user-defined keyboard shortcuts that you can use with this software. Additionally, the program allows you to exercise control using MIDI controllers like foot switches and Modulation wheels that can control the program remotely. 

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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of Anvil Studio
Version Change log
Anvil Studio 2021.04.01 Jun 7, 2021 When copying and pasting Karaoke files that have non-English lyrics, the lyrics would sometimes appear with "?" symbols instead of the actual symbol.
Anvil Studio 2021.02.02 May 21, 2021 File / Save would generate error messages for songs with more than 63 tracks.
It now supports an unlimited number of tracks.
Fixed Print-Sheet which due to new release of Windows was causing Out of GDI Handles error.
Increased the upper-limit of Tempo from 300 to 600 Beats Per Minute.
With Multi-View accessory, list of active tracks being edited is remembered the next time the file is loaded.
Anvil Studio 2020.12.03 Mar 26, 2021 The 64-bit version did not work properly with some VSTs that had very large memory demands. This has been fixed.
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