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The Apache Tomcat x64 is a simple to use and open source software which helps in the easy implementation of the JavaServer Page and Java Servlet technologies. Basically, the JavaServer and Java Servlet pages specifications are created by the available Java community process. Now the Apache Tomcat x64 is developed and run in participatory and open environment. Currently, it is released under the version of Apache Licenses-2. Now this Apache Tomcat x64 is nothing but a collaboration of the innovative and the best of the breed creators and developers who are from all over the world.

Now the Apache Tomcat x64 has the power to run various large scale missions and those which are critical to the web apps from diversified industries and corporate. You can get the list of these users and check their story online as it is listed in the wiki pages.  It is always important that one should maintain the integrity and usability of the downloaded files.

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Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10 x64

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Version Change log
Apache Tomcat x64 9.0.5 Feb 15, 2018 Java 9 is fully supported
Updated the packaged version of the Tomcat Native Library to 1.2.16 to pick up the latest Windows binaries built with APR 1.6.3 and OpenSSL 1.0.2m
Add a new system property (org.apache.jasper.runtime.BodyContentImpl.BUFFER_SIZE) to control the size of the buffer used by Jasper when buffering tag bodies.
Apache Tomcat x64 9.0.2 Beta Dec 11, 2017 The notable changes compared to 8.5.23 include:
Java 9 is fully supported
Fixed a number of HTTP/2 issues
Fixed numerous JASPIC issues with patches from Lazar
Apache Tomcat x64 9.0.0.M26 Aug 24, 2017 When generating JSP runtime error messages that quote the relevant JSP source code, switch from using the results of the JSP page parsing process to using the JSR 045 source map data to identify the correct part of the JSP source from the stack trace. This significantly reduces the memory footprint of Jasper in development mode, provides a small performance improvement for error page generation and enables source quotes to continue to be provided after a Tomcat restart.
Add LoadBalancerDrainingValve, a Valve designed to reduce the amount of time required for a node to drain its authenticated users
Improve the Default Servlet's handling of static files when the file encoding is not compatible with the required response encoding.
Add support for a Tomcat specific deployment descriptor, /WEB-INF/tomcat-web.xml. This descriptor has an identical format to /WEB-INF/web.xml. The Tomcat descriptor takes precedence over any settings in conf/web.xml but does not take precedence over any settings
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