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Apache Tomcat freeware

Apache Tomcat

Version: 10.0.11 | Size: 12.30 MB | Filename: apache-tomcat-10.0.11-windows-x86.zip
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The Apache Tomcat is a simple to use and open source software which helps in the easy implementation of the JavaServer Page and Java Servlet technologies. Basically, the JavaServer and Java Servlet pages specifications are created by the available Java community process. Now the Apache Tomcat is developed and run in participatory and open environment. Currently, it is released under the version of Apache Licenses-2. Now this Apache Tomcat is nothing but a collaboration of the innovative and the best of the breed creators and developers who are from all over the world.

Now the Apache Tomcat has the power to run various large scale missions and those which are critical to the web apps from diversified industries and corporate. You can get the list of these users and check their story online as it is listed in the wiki pages.  It is always important that one should maintain the integrity and usability of the downloaded files.

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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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Last versions of Apache Tomcat
Version Change log
Apache Tomcat 10.0.11 Sep 14, 2021
Apache Tomcat 10.0.10 Aug 10, 2021
Apache Tomcat 10.0.8 Jul 5, 2021 Catalina:
Code: Refactor the RemoteIpValve to use the common utility method for list to comma separated string conversion. (markt)
Code: Refactor JNDIRealm$JNDIConnection so its fields are accessible to sub-classes of JNDIRealm. (markt)
Fix: Fix serialization warnings in UserDatabasePrincipal reported by SpotBugs. (markt)
Fix: 65397: Calls to ServletContext.getResourcePaths() no longer include symbolic links in the results unless allowLinking has been set to true. If a resource is skipped because of this change, a warning will be logged as this typically indicates a configuration issue. (markt)
Fix: 65368: Improve handling of clean closes of inbound TLS connections. Treat them the same way as clean closes of non-TLS connections rather than as unknown errors. (markt)
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