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ApPHP MVC framework is a kind of web application framework which is designed to offer rapid as well as modern development of web applications, websites and web services. It applies the MVC (modern view controller) principles and design pattern, including logic, separation of display and data layers. It delivers a special architecture, templating, elements for database access, session management and several other tools for developers to create complicated applications safer and faster. Working with ApPHP MVC framework enables you to launch the applications sooner, host as well as scale them without any difficulty and maintain them over the course of time in an easy manner. Like many of the comprehensive web programming frameworks, ApPHP framework is developed as per the MVC pattern. The MVC pattern necessitates that the complete software logic must be separated as three bound layers including data management layer, view presentation layer and business logic layer that is responsible for processing, validating and receiving the user requests and also acquire data from model database and arranging them to be displayed properly in the users’ browsers.

The processing scheme of HTTP request takes place in a series of steps. A user request is obtained for processing by the major dispatching file. The framework kernel tends to parse the requested URL. The routing system decides what application should be requested and what action must be executed as per the URL contents. For every application action, the suitable controller is placed that carries out further request processing. The controller implements business logic as well as requests data from database by means of model classes wherever necessary. To create the resulting web page, techniques of multiple action classes have been consecutively called by the controller. Data which is returned by actions are then passed to the template engine to avail the resulting HTML code. The template engine produces HTML code with the help of received data and the particular template files.

ApPHP framework delivers core classes for implementing the base MVC functionality like an action router class, base controller class, view rendered class, model class and database access abstraction class. This MVC framework package also offers generic classes which render functionality normally required in web applications such as filter and handling request parameters, assemble and generate HTML page parts, managing configuration, handling sessions, authenticate users, produce debug information, send email, etc. The features of ApPHP framework include PDO support, multi-database support, fast performace, URL routing, custom session storage support, modules and components extensions, multi-browser support, multi-language support, smart caching support, readable and simple code for developers, built in widget extensions, separate display and processing, very controlled and clean HTML support, five embedded working demos, etc.

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ApPHP MVC Framework 1.2.2 Jan 4, 2019 Bugs fixed, features improved
ApPHP MVC Framework 1.1.5 Jan 2, 2018 Bugs fixed, features improved
ApPHP MVC Framework 1.0.3 Jul 2, 2017 Bugs fixed, features improved
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