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Version: 1.8.15 | Size: 115.00 MB | Filename: arduino-1.8.15-windows.exe
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In the electronic engineering and working, there are plenty of useful things, apparatuses, and technical accessories that support the engineers to accomplish their electronic projects. These days, Arduino has become a leading open source platform for the engineers and related professionals. This is a program that helps the users code physical boards, and build physical programming circuit and software. In general, Arduino makes you authorized to write as well as upload the computer codes to the physical or hardware board of your system.

Arduino comes with an integrated development environment that has become a fantastic and extremely useful feature for the programmers and hardware engineers. In electronic science, Arduino is playing a vital part to help the engineers to complete their projects easily, successfully and with great performance. There were many grounds, facts, and motives behind the launching of Arduino. This is actually hardware as well as the software program which can be used in designing, developing and preparing many electronic environments and the objects for some creativity.

Millions of people and numerous companies are now using Arduino to design and make different electronic products and machines. The uses of this program are unlimited, while this is also free to use. However, when you are willing to use this as the hardware program, then it will cost you something. There are many latest versions of the Arduino which you can find on the internet in the software form. There are also many queries about the features, benefits and the uses of this program.

When you read more about Arduino, you will realize it is being used as the brain of different electronic projects and products. Fundamentally, the robot is the best example to know and clarify that Arduino is a brain. This program in hardware and software forms is used in the robots and some other smart and handy electronic devices.

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115.00 MB

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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of Arduino
Version Change log
Arduino 1.8.15 May 14, 2021 HOTFIX:
Fixed regression in library discovery (failing to compile bundled libs, like SD or Ethernet, on some platforms)
Arduino 1.8.14 May 12, 2021 Ide:
Fix status bar custom board preferences disappearing (thanks @magedrifaat)
Boards Manager bugfix: sometimes the "Install" button appeared instead of "Update" after entering a search term.
Libraries/Boards Manager: the Type and Category filters are kept after install/uninstall.
Added 'deprecated' label support in Boards Manager, platforms marked as deprecated are shown at the bottom of the list.
Serial Plotter: line endings dropdown menu now comply with the global preference settings. (thanks @sceniclife)
Libraries Manager: Maintainer is displayed instead of the Author.
Firmware Updater: Added new firmwares and support for Nano RP2040 Connect.
Boards Manager: cached 3rd party package_index.json are no more deleted if the origin URL is removed from preferences, this allows other tools (like arduino-cli), that may have different URLs configuration, to work properly.
The board configuration submenus are now scrollable.
Arduino 1.8.12 Feb 13, 2020 [ide]:
Reverted the bundled Java JRE to the latest freely redistributable Oracle JRE for all
platforms except:
macOS (due to notarization)
aarch64 (due to missing graphical support)
Switching to AdoptJDK demonstrated to be more challenging than expected, bringing in
some corner case bugs that were not being caught by our testing procedures:
To guarantee the best user experience we decided to revert to the latest working JRE
until all the issues are resolved.
Improved visualization of compiler errors (@matthijskooijman)
Fixed: "Comparison method violates its original contract" error in library manager
Serial monitor is no more cleared during upload, so it can be copy/pasted (@PaulStoffregen)
FIX REGRESSION: library priority selection for bundled libraries (like SD or Ethernet)
FIX REGRESSION: use AVR core installed via Board Manager (when present) instead of the one bundled in the IDE
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