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AS SSD Benchmark freeware

AS SSD Benchmark

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The AS SSD Benchmark software tool calculates the performance of solid state drives (SSD).  The tool features three copy and six synthetic tests. The work of the synthetic tests is to determine the random and sequential read and write performance of the SSD. The tests don’t rely on the operating system cache and so can be performed without it. When running the sequential test, the program is able to calculate the amount of time needed to read and write a 1GB file.

This tool has a 4K test feature. With this, 4K blocks are randomly selected and their read and write performance determined. An equivalence of the 4K process is a 4K-64 third test. In this procedure however, read and writes operations are distributed to 64 threads. The 4K-6K tests are expected to show differences between SSDs with Native Command Queuing (NCQ) and IDE operating mode or sometimes the AHCI mode.

This tool also offers an additional compression test that can calculate the activity of the SSD on basis of the data compressibility. This is ideal for controllers looking at increasing the life of the cell compression and also the performance. The size of the test file in both the compression test and the first three synthetic tests is 1GB.

The AS SSD Benchmark is also able to determine the access time of the SSD full stroke. This means the read access is examines over the entire SSD’s capacity. There are three total values (results) for the performance and the read and write tests, whereas the compression test results are output as values.

Different windows operating systems will produce different results. The one thing that is clear in all OS types is that the practice test will show the SSD’s performance with concurrent write and read operations. The cope tests will generate three folders; programs and games folder, ISO (Two large files) and a folder for Menu Tool Copy Benchmark.

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