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Avro Keyboard is user friendly, customizable and high performing Bangla typing software with multiple automation tools. This purposefully designed keyboard will enable you to chat in Bangla, send Bangla email, create spreadsheets and type documents in Bangla, design Bangla web pages, and even write content for Bangla blog.  You can use it in any part of the world even with windows that doesn’t support Bangla (Bangladesh), Assamese language or Bangla (India).

No doubt this Unicode compliant keyboard software reigns supreme above all the others. It supports every Bangla typing method you can think of; mouse based Bangla typing, fixed(traditional) keyboard layout based typing, English to Bangla phonetic typing, Touch Typing, amongst others. Even better, the software features a built-in Keyboard Layout Editor but gives users the option to either edit the existing one, or create a new Bangla keyboard layout.

Most translator keyboard softwares fail at quick translation of English to Bangla, but not Avro Keyboard. OmicronLab has researched through every single Bangla transliterating software and come up with the easiest transliteration scheme. This makes typing easier and faster, and if you’re a beginner you’ll have an extremely easy time memorizing.

The depth of the Bangla word dictionary will also awe you. With 150,000 plus words and an editable auto-correct tool, typing using the English to Bangla phonetic typing method is a breeze. What’s more, you can make automatic corrections of common mistakes, add personal most used words that don’t come up and even modify these at your discretion.

This typing software offers two fully functional but distinctly different user interfaces; icon on system tray, and Top Bar on Desktop. The Top bar is capable of magically appearing as a semi-transparent during inactivity, so if you choose to see it you can see behind. Both the user interfaces are flexible and user friendly. With Avro Keyboard there is no need to edit your system language from the control panel since you can use two keyboards, one in your other favorite language, and the Avro Keyboard in Bangla. You can customize your system to either operate in Bangla Keyboard mode or in System Default mode and will be comfortable with both.

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Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of Avro Keyboard
Version Change log
Avro Keyboard Sep 2, 2019 Windows 10 Compatibility Added.
Removed the bug where Windows language mode would get fixed to Bangla
Mode even after switching Avro to system default keyboard.
Locale changing is by default turned off now and no longer recommended.
Installer size is almost half now. Removed iComplex and Font Fixer.
They were great tool, but not necessary anymore in modern Windows.
Made the installer a lot simpler.
Removed outdated help contents.
All executables are now digitally signed with a new certificate.
Avro Keyboard 5.5.0 Feb 21, 2014 > Windows 8.1 Compatibility Added, now works with Modern UI (formerly Metro)
and Windows store apps
> Phonetic engine will not convert dot/decimal mark (.) to dari
if the immediate next character is numeric (so writing 0.9 will be converted to ?.? instead of ???)
> Disabled Font-fixing during installation, apparently that was causing
the Firefox rendering issue
> Fixed some cases where Avro may lose control over keyboard input
> Packed with updated fonts
> Added 4 new skins
> A shortcut key bug of Spellchecker has been fixed
> All executables are now digitally signed
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