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Battle Tanks is a game that is available for individuals who want to experience warfare at a whole new level. This is gaming software that has been developed by BattleLines. It comes with wide range of features which have been added for purposes of making the game as interesting as possible. BattleLines had tried by all means to make the game as appealing as possible. They have actually succeeded in making the game worth downloading. The game is basically about piloting your way through an enemy zone featuring troops and tankers. You have to make sure you destroy all the opponents that are in your way. This is what makes the game interesting. If you are a fanatic of war fare, this is by far one of the best games to engage in.

The game is also available online and features the same attributes as the ones you can find on PC. However, the online version is said to be more interesting since it grants players an opportunity to compete with many other players including the advanced ones. Therefore, it sets a pace for most players who want to extend their gaming experience as well as improve their gaming skills. If you want, you can play solo and still have a lot of fan.

The intensity and comprehensive nature of the game makes it exciting to player. It also requires gamers to be more tenacious than they really are in most warfare games. If you are able to push your way through the stages of other warfare games by Battleline especially Steel Warfare, you will definitely find this game worth playing. It comes with a lot of guns and other weapons along with a lot of explosions aimed at electrifying the game.

Battle Tanks is quite intense and ferocious in nature. But, it is based on a single principle, which is “kill and destroy”. Search for enemy tankers and destroy them using your tanker’s gun. It gives gamers a feel of real warfare. Your enemies will be firing at you. If you are to avoid losing, you are supposed to fire back and destroy them as quickly as possible. There are also powerups which are left behind by enemy tanks. These can be used to enhance the performance of your guns as the game progresses.

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