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The Bionix Wallpaper allows one to fully have control over the desktop and make it beautiful. It is not only a wallpaper changer, but also a wallpaper manager, which gives users the ability to create thematic playlists and filter unwanted images. One can also sort wallpapers according to the size, name, resolution and rating. It is also possible to rename or delete wallpapers directly from the playlist and photo edit wallpapers. The simplest part of Bionix Wallpaper is adding the wallpapers to the playlist by simple drags and drops.

Bionix wallpaper has unique features that make it brilliant. For example, the smart background color which automatically adjusts the background color based on the wallpaper image theme. Again, there are wallpapers that leave empty areas on the desktop and it does not look nice because the empty areas appear in a different color from that of the wallpaper. Bionix Wallpaper changer can fill the empty areas on the desktop with matching colors of the wallpaper’s colors in every angle. It has a built in database of wallpapers from which you can pick and set your wallpaper. Alternatively you can import different files from other sources and use them as your wallpaper – say a personal photograph.

Smart stretch, allows automatic fitting of wallpapers even if they have a different aspect ratio than the monitor. Border fade adds a fade effect to images, making them look more beautiful. The dual monitor support auto detects dual monitor or multi monitor configurations and sets the wallpaper in various ways. The panic button feature allows the user to switch quickly that hot person or blonde girl a user has on the desktop, with something more appropriate. Strip all wallpapers from any website, helps users download all kinds of images from a web page in batches and instantly add them to your wallpapers playlist.

Another cool aspect of Bionix Wallpaper is its ability to change the lighting effect on the wallpaper depending on the day night time table setting. Simply download the program and start to use it right away – it does not require installation. It does not even cost your system resources much which is a prime pitfall with other wallpaper tools.

The lock on folder feature asks a user if they want to put a password on folders. This guarantees privacy and users can monitor a folder and automatically update the playlist when wallpapers are added or deleted from the folder. State of the re-samplers images, is a feature ideal for those working with images.  A re-sampler is a special algorithm used to resize an image. The Bionix Wallpaper offers state re-samplers, which are impossible to find even in professional processing tools.

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Last versions of BioniX Wallpaper
Version Change log
BioniX Wallpaper 10.85.0 Jan 9, 2018 Some improvments in GIF Animator
Internal: Small fix in Eureka log (list license details)
Internal: Changed bug report description in email field
Small bug fixes
BioniX Wallpaper 10.12.0 Oct 24, 2017 Fixed:
BugReport_21B00000 v10 Settings form is NIL, on shutdown"
BugReport_FA820000 v10 - AV in SetUserFrameDelay
BugReport_84920000 v10.4 FIXED Countdown time's up while ClockOnDesktop was active!
BioniX Wallpaper 10.8.0 Oct 24, 2017 Fixed:
BugReport_21B00000 v10 Settings form is NIL, on shutdown"
BugReport_FA820000 v10 - AV in SetUserFrameDelay
BugReport_84920000 v10.4 FIXED Countdown time's up while ClockOnDesktop was active!
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