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Fast, easy to use and powerful, BitComet is a free download client for Bit Torrent. With long-term seeding, intelligent disk caching and previews while in progress, users will experience this great software for downloading and uploading torrents.

We know that BitComet has been on the market for a long time now, so we think it is time to see how it reacts when downloading some of our favorite torrents. We tested this software on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems and we found some interesting facts about it. Its modern Bit Torrent protocols, tracker protocols, magnet link and DHT network are among great features which make BitComet a powerful tool.

BitComet’s interface may seem complex at first, but if you take every section at one time you will see how great this client is. Users can set up their favorite torrent sites and can access their torrent history just by navigating in the left side menu. The torrent sites can be used to locate seeders or to identify the best location for downloading a torrent. In addition, the upper menu with large icons give access to torrent control, since it can be started, stopped, previewed or even removed from the list. Furthermore, users can search for movies, music, games and software by simply clicking on the icon that they are interested in.

One of the most annoying things is when you are waiting for a video to download and it crashes at 99%, because the seeder went offline. This can no longer happen with BitComet, since it uses a long-term seeding technology which aims to improve performance. This feature can search for additional seeders that will ensure full download of your torrent.

Remember the times when hard drives were potentially harmed by Bit Torrent clients, due to read & write data in large quantities? BitComet fixes this issue as well, since it automatically caches data in the memory. This means that the hard disk is accessed fewer times than before, protecting it against any potential software damage.

The best part about BitComet is the fact that you can preview the files while they are downloading, regardless of the amount already processed. For instance, we were downloading a large video but we really wanted to check its quality before completing the download. With the preview feature users can take a look at the data that was already saved on your disk. Furthermore, BitComet tries to download the header and tail of active files, to ensure that you gain access to this preview as soon as possible.

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Last versions of BitComet
Version Change log
BitComet 1.53 Nov 7, 2018 GUI Improved: support add BitTorrent task using 32-byte Base32 encoded infohash of magnet link directly in "Open torrent from URL" dialaog
GUI Improved: increase maximum text length of input box in "Open torrent from URL" dialaog
GUI Improved: add resize ability to "Open torrent from URL" dialaog
GUI Improved: improve support for high-DPI monitor of statistic information dialog of multiple tasks
BitComet 1.52 Sep 3, 2018 GUI Improved: HTTP(S)/FTP download support IPv6 URL link
GUI Improved: Peer list and Tracker list support display IPv6 address
GUI Improved: IPv6 address of LAN/WAN displayed in Statistics pane
GUI Improved: DHT network node info of IPv4 and IPv6 displayed in Statistics pane
BitComet 1.51 May 16, 2018 GUI Improved: the file list in BitTorrent task properties dialog can switch between simple list and tree list
GUI Bugfix: background color of URL input box displayed incorrectly when create new HTTP task
GUI Bugfix: speed graph displayed incorrectly when high speed downloading
Core Improve: refine Crash Report program
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