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The latest version of Black Mesa certainly brings back memories for those who played Half-Life. You will go back to the very first role of Gordon Freeman and his journey which you are sure to remember the exciting unforgettable travel through the Black Mesa Research Facility. There are different environments to tour and explore, a big cast and lots of different research weaponry.

The visual effects have been redone exceptionally well and the team has managed to bring all the imagery up to date. The ambience of the game is present right from the start of the game.

What is most appealing about the game is that the developers have not hidden the fact that the game has been revamped from an older version and some of the ways that the characters have to climb through windows can be frustrating if you are used to modern games. Some other aspects that make it frustrating compared to modern games are the fact that the characters do not move as far or as quickly as the modern games.

If you are a player that liked the older version and how much you enjoyed playing Black Mesa you will probably enjoy the latest version provided that you are not going to compare it to the modern games and the controls could be frustrating.

The new game has improved a few aspects of the old game and they have added some extra rooms, ladders and it does not feel as if you doing or achieving a pointless goal. The developer has taken great care not to lose the atmosphere of the old game but have also taken note of the features from the old game that did not work or feel proper and swapped them out with great attention to detail.

The vocals of Black Mesa have been done professionally and keeping most of the old actor's voices and have added an element of humour. This makes it that little more enjoyable to play having to get the odd smile during the attempt to escape.

Even though there are still faults it is the sheer pleasure to take on the whole platoon as a goatee-sporting nerd. It is certainly not up to the standard that it should be but it is definitely a lot better than some of the games available and to think it has been developed from a 14-year-old FPS game half-life.

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