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Version: 5.0.1 | Size: 239.00 MB | Filename: BlueJ-windows-501.msi
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Blue Java or simply BlueJ is an integrated program or tool that helps the Java students, trainees and the beginners in software development to learn the basics of Java Language. The Java Programming Language carries massive respect, attention, usefulness, and popularity among the web and software developers. There are hundreds of features, uses and benefits of the BlueJ for Java trainees. The program developers can learn how to edit the software and complete integrated development environment with this software.

BlueJ is supported by JDK that makes the program highly popular and valuable for the Java experts. If you are a Java developer and have less information and knowledge about this programming language, then, of course, you can learn more and very informative from the BlueJ. Usually, there are thousands of programming institutes and training centers that are using this application for the education purposes. There are also many other goals, uses and the features of this elegant program for the professionals and students belong to Java Programming Language.

BlueJ is a perfect program that can help the Java students learn this language easily and completely. Further, this application is also a special gift for the Java beginners and the individual developers to develop the small software, edit applications, updating and modification of casual programs. The software developers use the BlueJ because it comes with JDK features and other additional tools. You can use this program on your different machines, Operating Systems and brands that are compatible with the BlueJ.

Officially, BlueJ is an integrated development environment that helps and supports the programmers to develop new Java tools, software and programs easily and quickly. It is very simple to understand and practice, while this program is 100% teaching-friendly and specified. Furthermore, BlueJ comes with some extraordinary features like innovative design, friendly, easy, portable, interactive and mature.

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239.00 MB

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Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of BlueJ
Version Change log
BlueJ 5.0.1 May 1, 2021 Many Java editor bug fixes, including scrolling while drag-selecting, tab key behaviour, bracket highlighting, smooth scrolling on Mac.
Added feature to automatically insert the closing '}' (configurable in the preferences).
Fixed ctrl-click in the class diagram on Mac.
Added a new mechanism to support opening text files in the project in the BlueJ text editor.
Switched to GDK 2 on Linux to help with some windowing issues.
Fixed issues with inspector sizing
Fixed some issues with opening editors in new windows.
Fixed a few bugs with breakpoint/step mark display in the Java editor.
Fixed some internal errors which could occur on compilation and cause errors not to be shown.
BlueJ 5.0.0 Jan 29, 2021 Rewrote the Java editor implementation to be faster and more robust.
Added some quick-fixes to the Java editor, suggesting things like adding missing imports.
Added support for JUnit 5 and switched to JUnit 5 by default (JUnit 4 is still supported as before).
Rewrote the extensions API to work with the new editor.
Removed the deprecated Subversion support.
Bundled the JDK on Ubuntu to avoid some JavaFX dependency issues.
BlueJ 4.2.2 Oct 4, 2019 Fixed an issue with an extra space appearing in the terminal before the first output.
Fixed not being able to alter the preferences for the Submitter extension.
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