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Checkersland is latest software, which provides great support for playing though computer and this software has ability to run in any types of operating system such as windows 7, 95, Linux, solaris, etc. Software is developed based on java jar, which comes with extension of checkersland.exc and Checkersland. Jar. It does not require any special hardware for running and its software can easily download. While downloading this software comes with PDN files with proper extension.

By installing this software you can play more than two types of checkers such as german, aremian, American checkers, twelve draughts, nine corner, Czech game, diagonal play, give away, crowded, gathic, lika, etc  you can play great international polish game and it helps to play with best opponents team. Software offers various types of opponents such as computer with man, man with man. You can play this many a type of game with this software in online and it provides many difficulty levels. Software provides eight high level game which means more changing play. So install this best tool and easily play wide range of game online.

Software support for multithreaded which means it is well suitable for mutt process and it comes with many different interface languages such as Magyar, Italian ,etc not only interface languages is support for best translation. Software file will be downloaded in PDF format and it you have to install this file in system.

Software is developed with high logic, which means well talented implementation and it support for many awesome types of games. While download this software access strength of game with types of system. Remember that form one to five strengths of game is has high AI strength. Types of checkers such as towers, lika, give away and laska, which is offers five more strength.

Checkers based in pool, Spanish and Italian belongs to four strength and eighty cellular games are comes under three AI and polish international games are comes in two parts. One strength of game is belongs to Canadian. These kinds of game can be play by using this best software. Latest version of this software is available online so download this best software for free.

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Checkersland 2019.02.17 Feb 17, 2019
Checkersland 17.01.05 Jan 12, 2017 Added game replay feature.
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