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Chromium is Linux version of Google Chrome. Even though it is still currently in development, Chromium is also an interesting browser project for all other operating systems. It enhances the user experience, building a more stable way for web experience. Chromium OS is in fact the support code for Google Chrome, a platform designed more for developers and testers all over the world.

As a web browser for Linux, it is mostly similar with Google Chrome browser on all other operating systems. For non-Linux systems it mainly consists on a website where developers can get information about the codes and sources needed to build and work with this web browser. This platforms consists in three main sections: learn how-to section, Chromium Sections and other important links, such as news, developer tools and discussion groups.

In the Learn How To section users can get to know more information about online sources, contributing code, checkout, build and run, debug on different operating systems (Android, Linux, OS X and Windows) and bug reports. The layout of this website and its sections is similar to Wikipedia, since each link takes the user to a specific website with steps and indications for web developers. For instance, under the Bug Report link developers can either submit bugs for the browser or for the operating system project.

The Sections include valuable information for developers and users, depending on the type of information they are interested in. All of the information included in this section is in regards to the Chrome browser, including the window frame and tabs, browsing history or bookmarks, download, visual design, accessibility features and many more.

For users who are interested into finding more about Chromium the Other Important Links section includes links to discussion groups, blog, issue trackers and calendars. In addition, there are three dedicated links to information for third party developers, webmasters and web developers. For those who are thinking about becoming a Chromium developer there is also a slide talking about Chromium development. This presentation gives valuable details regarding tools and equipment needed for development.

Since Chromium is not really a real browser, the evaluation we had to make was a bit different. However, this source code for Chrome is a very interesting and valuable tool for those who are looking towards web development or browser development. It can be used as a development manual or as a Wikipedia page regarding Google Chrome’s development and maintenance. What is more, if anyone is looking for a web browser to go online he would need to choose from all other available apps, which offer many online browsing features that are already functional.

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