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Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP) was designed for anime community. Its aim is to use as fewer resources as possible but still offer excellent multimedia quality. Installation and customization of this software are intentionally easy. You can choose to install it using full installation process or go through the custom installation process. It is a small software that contains only what you need to play videos and listen to music. It supports all versions of Windows.

The main components of CCCP are:

•             Media Player Classic Home Cinema – application that plays audios and videos and is based on Media Player Classic

•             LAV Filters – Direct Show media splitters and audio and video decoders that plays different media formants

•             xy-VS Filer – allows you to play high-quality playbacks and display subtitles in multimedia files.

These components are updated constantly to give you high level of multimedia solutions

Benefits of CCCP:

•             It is easy to install and uninstall and needs no technical knowledge

•             It can play back almost any video files and formats. A plus for when you want to watch movies repeatedly

•             It was created for the anime community who love creating animations but can be used by everyone to stream music and movies.

•             Since you uninstall all the other codecs when installing CCCP, major problems caused by conflicting codec packs are eliminated.

Adjust settings and access components in the control panel of CCCP. You must first install DirectX before downloading CCCP. Windows Vista users could be asked for permission during installation process. Just click yes if prompted. Download the application from CCCP Homepage to your desktop. During the installation all options must be in default mode. The custom installation option lets you adjust features to your liking. The download includes Media Player Classic which always work perfectly when Windows Media Player doesn't work. If you find yourself lost click the Reset User Settings button. The setting app can run resetting and re-register filters. You can customize the speaker channels in the control panel.

CCCP is designed for decoding and as such does not include video encoders like its competitors do. You also need to uninstall other codec packs in order to view CCCP videos. Having said that it is still free and easy to install media player. It has documentation and instructions on how to install and use it. There are downloading options that offer Internet Speed Tracker for fast and secure installation.

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