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Counter-Strike 2D is a replica of the original Counter-Strike game. This is more than just a replica game, as it offers a new and unique perspective to the game. However, it works similar to the original came, in that it has offline, online and against the computer. With the online mode, one can compete against other fans and enjoy a unique competitive experience. Counter-Strike 2D is advantageous because it does not require any special hardware or order keys. Since this game is totally in two dimensions, this gives users with even the lowest system resources an opportunity to enjoy this highly interactive game.

Users can engage in multiplayer shooter, finish missions and capture the flag. Users have the opportunity to use a wide range of weapons and equipment to help them accomplish their goals. Users can also enjoy features such as fast-paced action, simple to use and interpret mapping system. A variety of modes including: zombies, DM and Construction. Before entering into the world of Counter-Strike 2D, users must choose a name, this is the means of identification for every user. Through the interactive and simple interface, users can change the control settings to whatever matches their preference, game settings and sound settings.

With Counter-Strike 2D, users can change and set the quality of the graphics. Players can wipe out their terrorist enemies through a variety of modes and each mission is a step closer to preventing the terrorists from succeeding in their bombing missions. Players must make every effort to disarm the bombs and take the win. This game is fun and highly interactive and the capabilities are endless.

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Version Change log
Counter-Strike 2D Sep 7, 2019
Counter-Strike 2D Apr 7, 2018
Counter-Strike 2D Dec 5, 2017 A new CS2D version is here. It has no huge changes but I decided to finally call it a non-beta version. This was long overdue because the game is no real beta anymore for a long time already.

You may ask yourself now: No beta anymore? What does that mean? Is it final? Last release?
The answer is: Yes, the game is "final" but there will be updates and fixes nevertheless. So basically nothing changed.
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