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The CrystalDiskInfo is a system health related data generator tool for your computer that can also collect the same information for portable devices. It checks ins and outs of your system to generate the status report. Available in compact interface CrystalDiskInfo is a smart data generator that can also report temperature information.

What you need to do to get full details about a hard drive or a solid state drive using the CrystalDiskInfo is simply select the drive showed in the program’s interface. And that’s all you need to do to get insight about it. It will tell you the name of the drive, its size, capacity, model number etc. The tool can also process you information on power, hours, host reads, host writes, firmware details and versions.

The program is compatible with SMART, NCQ and TRIM and other logical blocks including their rotation rates. CrystalDiskInfo uses graphical disk status generator with options to view the temperature, workarounds. Use the tool to view how well your device manager is performing in delivering you information and what initiatives your need to take to better manage them. It combines AAM and APM controller part that goes automatically adaptive. Set it up on your desktop to get notification for emails, to generate event logs and HDDs sector counting.

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Last versions of CrystalDiskInfo
Version Change log
CrystalDiskInfo 8.8.5 Sep 5, 2020 Added Marvell SSD Controller support
Improved SanDisk SSD support
Fixed Kingston SA400 support
CrystalDiskInfo 8.8.2 Sep 1, 2020 Added Current Helium Level (Attribute ID 0x16) report for HDDs
Fixed Seagate SATA SSDs support
Fixed Silicon Motion Controller support
CrystalDiskInfo 8.8.1 Aug 29, 2020 Improved SATA SSDs support!!
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