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Cyberduck is an excellent option for transferring  your files from your computer to any web server that you use such as DropBox. You can download the software and is suitable for both Windows and Mac OS. The windows platforms that it covers are XP/Vista/7 and 10

Cyberduck's browser window is the main point where you are able to see all the bookmarks and common services that it offers and other features such as Google Docs, Amazon S3 and Rackspace. On top of that, you are able to add your own bookmarks and view the history of all the servers that you have visited.

Cyberduck covers a lot of protocols which are vanilla FTP, FTP-SSL, WebDav with HTTP and SSL support. There is a way to get to you DropBox without syncing it to your computer but that takes a bit of technical know how to set it up. Once the program is connected to the remote server, browsing to find your files is exactly the same as it is on your computer. The files are easily downloaded by just double clicking them but Cyberduck has an added quick look feature which enables you to see the file first before downloading it.

You can use Cyberduck to open files as an external editor and it is very useful for people who need to open files remotely. The search function of the software saves a lot of time and it will start showing the files with the same name as soon as you start typing the name.

Apart from the basic functions, it has advanced functions that come in very useful for the experts. It synchronises folders as well as files. The other advanced options that it offers is that it has support for public key encryption to a variety of text encodings and even bandwidth throttling on transferring files. This feature is very useful when you want to prevent any errors during the transferring process.

The Cyberduck Web server software is absolutely free and it well worth the money donated because it is fast, has a lot of features and it is very user-friendly.

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Last versions of Cyberduck
Version Change log
Cyberduck Aug 12, 2020 Feature Interoperability with macOS 11
Feature Column for storage class in browser (S3)
Bugfix Use STANDARD for default storage class (Google Storage) (#11062)
Bugfix Switch to UTF-8 for encoding HTTP authentication header (WebDAV)
Bugfix SNI support for TLS connections (FTP) (#9257)
Bugfix Handle formatting errors in ~/.aws/credentials (S3)
Bugfix Crash accessing files with colon in name (Windows) (#11075)
Bugfix Support Team Drives for sharing files (Google Drive)
Cyberduck May 27, 2020 Features:
Support to access team folders (Dropbox Business)
Support for eu-south-1 (Milan) region (S3)
Support for af-south-1 (Cape Town) region (S3)
Cyberduck Apr 28, 2020 Features:
Edit ACLs for files (Google Storage) (#11008)
Support to set storage class (Google Storage)
Support for Intelligent-Tiering class (S3) (#11031)
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