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Cyberfox freeware


Version: 52.9.1 | Size: 86.80 MB
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Mozilla Firefox launched its latest internet browser, the Cyberfox, which uses the Windows 64-bit architecture. But, the new browser also has a 32-bit version. Cyberfox provides a higher performance while browsing through your favorite websites. It competes with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, and uses Firefox’s source code.

If you are a Cyberfox user, you can close all open tabs with just one click. Also, you can disable or enable a new tab. If you do not want pictures to load automatically, you can disable it. Since it is from Mozilla, you enjoy all the features of Firefox. Unlike the other browsers, Cyberfox uses less RAM and is faster.

If it is your first time to use Cyberfox, you will be asked if you want to move your data from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox. The look and feel is very much similar to Firefox, but the performance of Cyberfox is better.

You have a choice between two user interface styles: Classic or Australis. This means you can personalize how you want to see information on the web. Also, depending on your CPU, you can use a version for Intel-based CPUs or the other version for AMD-based CPUs. This is important if you want Cyberfox to optimize your web browsing experience. Cyberfox is also portable. You can bring it anywhere with your settings and add-ons. Moreover, the team of developers behind it is also constantly adding new features to improve your user experience.

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86.80 MB

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Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of Cyberfox
Version Change log
Cyberfox 52.9.1 Jul 1, 2018 Fixed language auto packaging issue incorrect language pack versions
New light/dark compact lightweight theme now enabled
Removed plugin check url, plugin page no longer active by mozilla
Disable the video stats to prevent fingerprinting
Fixed user-agent issue with addons.mozilla.org, user-agent override
Cyberfox 52.7.2 Mar 26, 2018 U?d?t?d: ?n?t?ll?r ??r??t t? v?r???n 2.6.7
N?w: R?m?v? ??b?rf?? b?t? ?n?t?ll?t??n? dur?ng ?n?t?ll
?d?u?t?d: ?ll?w ?????ng v?lu? t? G?tUn?n?t?ll?tr?ng ?n ?n?t?ll?r ??d? ??r??t
?d?u?t?d: F?rm?tt?ng ?f ??m? ??d? ?nd ?m?r?v?d ??m? r??d?b?l?t? f?r ?n?t?ll ??r??t ??d?
Cyberfox 52.7.1 Mar 19, 2018 U?d?t?d: ?n?t?ll?r ??r??t t? v?r???n 2.6.7
N?w: R?m?v? ??b?rf?? b?t? ?n?t?ll?t??n? dur?ng ?n?t?ll
?d?u?t?d: ?ll?w ?????ng v?lu? t? G?tUn?n?t?ll?tr?ng ?n ?n?t?ll?r ??d? ??r??t
?d?u?t?d: F?rm?tt?ng ?f ??m? ??d? ?nd ?m?r?v?d ??m? r??d?b?l?t? f?r ?n?t?ll ??r??t ??d?
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