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The Data Master is a free to download application for test automation which can measure a system and conduct complete analysis of its numeric data. Data Master 2003 offers highly specialized skills in data analysis and processing. It is unlike other calculators or analyzers. Users requiring advanced mathematical modeling, statistical analysis and complex calculation involving discounting, compounding and variables will find the Data Master 2003 greatly helpful for them.

The Data Master 2003 will help the users in data acquisition and visualization. It must be noted here that users will get some advanced level of capabilities for these purposes. And they will also have advanced controllable features. Thus the software aims in bringing complex formulation and data processing to remain flexible and easy to use. The Data Master 2003 is engineered for performance only.

Users in engineering and research sectors will find the Data Master 2003 as a great resort to their professional needs. Functionally the application is programmable for multiple window support systems for highly scientific and technical analysis. You can optimize the interface for better graphical representation. The tool can also work with real time data generation mode. Conducting experiments with the Data Master 2003 will become more methodical.

The Data Master 2003 uses higher mathematical estimations like differential calculus, integration, regression analysis and simulation. It also provides stronger graphical representation and fits to meet requirements for plot digitization and baseline subtracting. The software architecture is extendable to comply with dynamic content standards like the ActiveX scripting, HTML and COM.

Data Master 2003’s features also include customization of functions – that is users can program and do necessary coding to meet their requirements. It can conduct the linear and non linear calculations, least square, Lavenberg & Marquardt analysis. For graphical reporting users also have the customization features enabled. They can specify end and starting point and translate curves.

Users can integrate the Data Master 2003 easily with other desktop applications. Its configurable interface remains dynamic in remote data acquisition. Besides numeric entries users can apply complex signs, symbols and characters for their analysis.

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Data Master 2003 Jun 9, 2012 DM2003 #433: Several additional UI improvements for new systems (better support of large fonts mode on high resolution screens and MSIE9)
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