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The Database .NET is simple, powerful, innovative, intuitive multiple DMS (Database Management System) tool. Using it you can design various table, browse the objects, export data, edit various rows, run various queries along with consistent and easy to use interface. The database requirements for this tool are simple and consist of Windows 2003, XP, Vista, 2008, etc. You do need to ensure that the dot net framework is of 4.0 and can be fully installed. Plus it should even have compatibility with 4.5 version too.

To uninstall this tool is quite easy. All you have to do is simply delete the particular file. Basically, there would be no key (register key) once the application is closed. Database .NET is available in portable mode and has various extensive features.  One is table designer, where one can easily design tables. Then there is the constraint designer, which helps in creating and updating various constraints. Another extensive feature is the extensive designer.

In addition, you can generate scripts like DML (Data Manipulation Language), DDL (Data Definition Language (DDL), and various other objects. Also using the Database .NET you can do various editing and browsing of data. Here it consists of browsing table data and editing and browsing data. The editing table data feature consists of the viewer and form editor. It even consists of the XML editor too.

In addition, there are other extensive features like GUID generator, cell editor, primarykey selector, datetime picker, etc. Besides all these features, there is autofilter, data visualization, multi-line data and text, filter expression, browsing and surfing column data, etc. It even consist of the data import, finding grid, printing of SQL queries and statement results, data exports like XML, TXT, CSV, HTM, XLS, JSON, etc. Another extensive feature is the query result and the print SQL statement, etc.

In addition, there are decompression and deencoding strings along with various SQL editors. This also consists of the extensive feature known as dynamic highlighting of the syntax. Here the switching of the syntax happens automatically and it highlights the basic dependant on the exclusively available database and system. Also, there is the IntelliSense and AutoComplete feature which helps in simplifying and speeding up the experience one has in typing. There is also the extensive feature of code snippets and auto complete. Even the cross schema table access can be considered as another feature.

The query builder feature consists of converting the selected text into query and even enabling the given SQL format and plugins. Various plugins like .net additional files, databases command line utility, sqlformatter.exe,, etc are not only the best but quite interactive. Another extensive feature is the transaction mode which starts with the database transaction and even the execution of the SQL scripts. Even browsing mode and multiple tabs which consist of horizontal, vertical and paging feature, etc.

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Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of Database .NET
Version Change log
Database .NET 30.0.7373.1 Mar 9, 2020 SQL Editor:
Add: Add the highlighted column [Selected] display (Highlight current line) (7373)
Upd: Optimize the [Background] display of the highlighted column (Highlight current line: Options-> Editor-> LineViewerStyle = FullRow) (7373)
Upd: Optimize the [Number] display of the highlighted column (Highlight current line: Options-> Editor-> LineNumber = True) (7373)
Upd: Highlighting all matching words under cursor : Keep the original text color when the background is highlighted (7373)
Generating Scripts:
Add: Support node all object types [Delete] Script All Object Types as DROP (7373)
Add: Support node column [Add and Query] script generation (Script Column as ALTER AND SELECT) (7373)
Add: Support node foreign index key [New] Script Foreign Key as ALTER (7373)
Add: Support node check condition constraint [New] Script Check Constraint as ALTER (7373)
Fix: (Firebird) Fix CRUD Stored Procedures generation processing (7373)
Fix: (Firebird) Fixed TRIGGERS generation script processing
Database .NET 29.9.7355.2 Feb 20, 2020 Fix: (Free / Plus) Solve the problem of abnormal handling of High DPI scaling under 32bit (7355)
Upd: Others include cumulative minor updates, corrections and optimizations (7355)
Database .NET 29.9.7349.1 Feb 14, 2020 Main program update ( Main ):
Add: Support DATABASE TRIGGERS object browse / delete / enable / generate processing (7349)
Support Firebird / SQL Server / SQL Azure / Oracle / NuoDB and other databases
Upd: a large number of interface updates and optimizations (7349)
Upd: Firebird component version updated to FirebirdSql.Data.FirebirdClient.dll (2020/02/06) ( ) (7349)
Upd: Others include cumulative minor updates, corrections and optimizations (7349)
Data Browser and Editor :
Upd: Results column display is faster and smoother (7349)
Upd: Optimize the result column column width automatic scaling display processing (7349)
Upd: Significantly improves processing speed when [Query and Result Columns] tab is closed (7349)
Visual Execution Plan :
Upd: Integrate the Plain Execution Plan into the tab page (7349)
Supports SQL Server / SQL Azure / PostgreSQL / Oracle / HP Vertica and other databases
Upd: Initially automatically selects the root node and displays the attribute content (7349)
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