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DOFUS has a huge community of 2,5 million and with 10 years of content interest of this MMORPG experience. DOFUS was released in 2005 by the French company Ankama Games which is a fantasy game using the Adobe Flash Software. It is very popular with over 4 million accounts that have been created since its inception. It does offer free players unlimited access to Incarman and the village of Astrub with regions that surround it. However, for the full package, you need to subscribe to a monthly subscription.

The game does not use a lot of memory and after it has been downloaded will only use about 200mb but the server selection is not quite that straightforward with the server lists differing depending on where you are situated in the world. The server does cater for different languages such as Italian, Dutch and Portuguese and if you are in English speaking countries like America you will see the servers of which there are 5.

As a paying client, there are various stages that you can play starting with the World of Twelve where the player's adventure starts above the clouds on an island called Incarman. This is a learning platform where beginners learn how to progress down to the mainland.

Combat in DOFUS happens on a separate screen once the players go over their target. It progresses and the players as they carry on exploring will gain stat points and go up the rankings. Free trial players are not only restricted geographically but once they reach level 20 they will be prompted to pay to continue.

Dofus is game that does not use a lot of memory and is classed as a small game with a lot of attraction for gamers globally. It has a unique gaming system with very attractive graphics and great character building features. As a free game, it does not present enough content for you to enjoy so if you want the full gaming experience you will need to subscribe. If you are the gamer that likes the fast action game that is mostly linked with modern games DOFUS will probably not be for you.

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Dofus 2.49 Dec 4, 2018
Dofus 2.39 Jan 12, 2017 Ohwymi - Chapter II:
The second installment of the Ohwymi saga, the desert-themed expansion, is unveiled in this Update, and asks you to continue your adventure in its land, arid and full of sand as it is.
Meant for adventurers level 170 to 200, the area offers two new monster families, their respective Wanted poster, and two brand new dungeons, namely the Gorge of Howling Winds and the Cursed Pyramid. Parallel to that, you have new equipments and sets to discover, and new Achievements and rewards to unlock!
Numerous dangers await, if you are brave enough to rise up to the challenge...
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