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Version: 11.0.170 | Size: 67.07 MB | Filename: dopdf-full.exe
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As the word suggestion, doPDF is used to create free PDF. Now the word PDF means Portable Document Format and it is created and designed by Adobe. So, once the software is installed, it would allow a person to convert any kind of printable documents to PDF files. Now the doPDF will get installed by itself. This is due to the presences of the virtual PDF printer driver.

Once it is successfully installed, the tool will appear in the faxes and printer list and even in the all list programs. Now with the help of doPDF, you can convert the PDF into two ways. One way is printing the particular PDF with the virtual printer driver of the doPDF. Quite similar to the normal procedure of getting contents printer in the regular printer, here the result will be a PDF file and not just a normal piece of paper.

Another procedure is using the doPDF startup window. Basically, the doPDF has an executable file which can access from the start of the program group and easily execute it in order to start a simple conversion wizard. There are variety of reasons on why one can use the doPDF. One of the best reasons on why one can use it is because it is fast and simple. Yes! All you have to do is simply select the document which you want to convert and select the place where you want to save it. Within seconds, the doPDF would easily convert and save the content. 

Another reason on why doPDF is a popular choice when compared to other PDF converts is that it is free for personal, commercial and business usage. So, you won’t have to spend money from your pockets to purchase the doPDF and convert the files.  In addition, the doPDF is compatible and supportable in 32 and 64 bit. Do you that the same setup can be used to install the doPDF in both the 64-bit and 32-bit Windows OS system.

Plus the doPDF can be quite universal. In a sense, you can convert any kind of printable document into PDF. Any kind of document like XLS, DOC, PUB, PPT, XLSX, HTML, PUBX, TXT, etc can be converted into PDF. Compared to the other kind of PDF, the doPDF does not have any kind of GhostScript. Basically, you won’t be requiring any kind of third party programs to create the PDF. Now this makes it quite easy to use the setup file and it is quite small when compared to the other kinds of PDF creating programs. 

Plus another basic feature of the doPDF is that you can search text within the PDF. And not only that, the search engine will easily index the text from the given PDF. Mutli-language support is another basic feature of this tool. This is the only PDF (free) whose interface is easily available in various languages (i.e. in 33 languages) and it is translated in about thirty languages. Another awesome feature of this doPDF tool is that it simply rarely never uses any kind of computer resource. When you compare it with the other kinds of PDF software creators, the doPDF never uses any CPU or memory resources in order to make the actual conversions. 

And the best part is that if you are environmental conscious, then this is the best means to save planet. Yes! You could do your part in saving the resources of the planet. Basically, instead of consuming bundles of paper for printing your documents, you could create a PDF file and in turn help in saving the planet. In addition, there are other interesting features that make using the doPDF great software. One is the predefined page size.

With the doPDF you can simply choose the predefined page size for creating the PDF like A2, A1, A0, A3, A5, B4/5, Executive, Legal, Letter, Envelope, Monarch, and the various fifty different formats. Even the output presented is of the highest quality which is quite suitable for printing or smaller files which is quite fit for website publishing. Basically, it simply depends on one’s need.

Another aspect is the automatic update. Most of the users or developers would feel that it is better to use latest version of the PDF and its integrated updates (automatic) would help in keeping the version active. You can even update the software on daily, weekly, and monthly basis. And you can easily disable the feature. Do you know that the doPDF has got an extensive graphic scale? Yes! Using the doPDF, you can shrink the content of the given PDF into 1% of the original size and it can be enlarged to about 400%.  

Even you can create addins for the MS Office. While at the time of installation, you can install the given doPDF in the MS Office. This would easily allow the given software to provide a one click means of conversion from the MS Office applications like Excel, Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, etc. Another extensive feature is that the doPDF can help you in converting the given PDF into the required content with the help of using the MS office. You can easily convert the links and bookmarks from the original contents and the result is the creation of PDF file.

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doPDF 11.0.170 Jun 23, 2021 Updated several languages
doPDF 11.0.141 May 7, 2021 Fixes for the tray app
doPDF 11.0.134 Apr 27, 2021 Fixes for the check for updates window
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