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Doro PDF Writer freeware

Doro PDF Writer

Version: 2.16 | Size: 16.40 MB | Filename: DoroSetup.zip
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Doro PDF Writer is a simple application that will help you create PDF files. While it will not help you create any documents from scratch, it will help you export to PDF from any other software that supports Print functionality. Doro PDF Writer creates a virtual printer driver. It appears to your operating system as a regular printer. But anything that you send to it is exported as a PDF. This has several advantages over a conventional PDF creator. You don’t need to worry about any placement issues, layouts and fonts, images or any custom application exclusive elements. Such elements may cause trouble if you use other conversion tools. But while printing, all elements are appropriately translated on to the page. Doro PDF Writer captures this and converts to PDF, and hence you will not see any issues with the elements of the documents. This allows you to create PDFs from conventional documentation softwares such as Microsoft Word and Libre Writer, but also from other softwares such as web browsers and some other softwares that directly print out their output.

Doro PDF Writer may not have as many features as say Adobe Acrobat DC, but it is available as a freeware. It is completely free software and does not inject any obnoxious watermarks or display ads. With that said, there is still a lot that you can do with it. Doro PDF Writer supports 128-bit encryption. You can edit the metadata and add information such as title, subject, author, keywords and producer. You can also make a limited access PDF by restricting copying and pasting from the PDF file. You can also disable Print option from the final PDF file. It cannot support features such as PDF forms or watermarks. It can create even several page long PDF without taking too long. Though it does not show a progress bar, so you will be guessing the time remaining to complete.

The Doro PDF Writer is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and several other languages. It is compatible with pretty much any version of Windows, going back from Windows 10 all the way up to Windows 95, including Windows Server editions. So you should be able to easily run this software on a two decade old computer.

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Doro PDF Writer 2.16 Jun 15, 2021
Doro PDF Writer 2.15 Dec 11, 2020
Doro PDF Writer 2.14 Sep 2, 2020 Korean translation added.
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