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The video game industry has been flourishing and growing very fast over the last few decades. Numerous players are now crazy to play the latest version of Dota 2; a video game that offers multiple players to play it. The defense of the Ancients is the main script of the game. There are two teams having five players in each team. The Standard Real Strategy Control is the main tool to regulate and control the game. 3D isometric perspective is the main place of controlling the game.

There are 113 different characters of the Dota 2 that play their own roles in the game. However; the main goal of a team is to destroy the defense of another team; Ancients. The battle between two teams or groups gets started and all the characters take part in the war. It is the major motive of each team to achieve the ultimate and massive power to take the control of another team. Dota 2 comes with endless fun, recreational features, and benefits. The players always become passionate and sentimental when they are playing this wonderful game.

Some modifications have been made to update the game recently. Dota 2 has already become one of the most famous and leading video games in the world. Valve Corporation has launched the latest modifications in the existing version of the game. Probably, within the next few months, there will be a new version of Dota 2. The billions of the regular video game players like such battle arena games which they become highly excited to play.

Dota 2 is available to be downloaded, installed and played on different devices as well as Operating Systems. It will be very interesting and creative for the players to use specific and recommended game consoles to enjoy more than their expectations.

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Version Change log
Dota 2 9th August 2 Aug 9, 2019 Fixed Morphling's Morph resetting charge counts for Astral Imprisonment, Stone Remnants and Windrun when switching to and from the Morphed hero.
Dota 2 2025 / Gamep Apr 19, 2017 Fixed a bug where mouse input would sometimes not register.
Added setting for muting chat from the enemy team.
Recipes will now prefer backpack slots over activatable slots when purchasing or retrieving from courier.
Fixed muting a player causing chat disconnect/connect/pause messages to no longer be displayed.
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9th August 2019

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