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Double Commander is a file and disk manager which is very effective and efficient in managing files, data and folders. It is divided into two different panels and it allows users to check through and see different files and information which are stored on the files. One of the best advantages of going for Double Commander is the fact that it can be used on different operating systems. The software can be used both on the Windows and Linux operating systems.

Double Commander gets most of its inspiration from a software called total commander and Double Commander allows the user to copy files and data back and forth within these two panels with which the user can view the files. Double Commander also supports many files extensions and can open all sorts of files including files carrying extensions such as ZIP, RAR, GZ and others.

Double Commander performs other functions such as allowing users to perform extensive search on files domiciled on the computer. It also allows the user to compare the content of two different files which may be similar in look and the user may find it difficult to tell what is different about the two files. This software will help you look through the files and ascertain the difference in the two files or folders under review.

Double Commander has a search function or search button which helps the user search through all kinds off files for a specific file or information. This software can also help users sort and analyze their documents in whatever way they would like to. They could sort these documents using size, name, date, etc.

Double Commander allows all the operations being performed by the software to be queued up in the background so that users can easily go back and pick up one of the operations they were carrying out and continue from where they stopped.

A drawback of the software is that the software does not allow users to copy files and data from one partition or tab to another or from one panel to another. This is a serious drawback and the users are hoping that going forward the designers of the application will correct this defect.

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Last versions of Double Commander
Version Change log
Double Commander 0.8.3 B8160M Jun 3, 2018
Double Commander 0.7.6 B7176M Nov 2, 2016 [Default] cm_LeftOpenDrives fails on fuse mounts (tested with sshfs and smbnetfs) - resolved.
[Default] DC will not open when Language is set to "Japanese" - resolved.
[Plugins] Difference .7z archives size result at compression level ultra - normal - max between Double Commander vs 7z Archiver - resolved.
[Graphical user interface] Options dlg scroll left list - resolved.
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0.8.3 B8160M Be

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