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Dr.Web CureIt! freeware

Dr.Web CureIt!

Version: 24 July 2021 | Size: 233.00 MB | Filename: cureit.exe
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An antivirus and anti-spyware scanning tool, Dr.WEB CureIt! helps in quickly scanning and curing a computer without an need to install Dr. WEB Anti-virus.

But the thing is that this tool is able to cure an infected system only one time. It cannot provide real time protection to your PC from viruses. It is just designed to cure the system at that instant only. The virus databases present in it are not updated automatically. Virus databases that are included in this tool remain current until there is an update. During high malware submissions, most off the add-ons, updated, to Dr.Web virus bases are going with a frequency of up to twice in an hour. One of the best features of this tool is detecting the OS language automatically which makes it able to set the interface for scanning effectively. It will select English as the default language.   

Dr.Web CureIT! is able to detect and remove many types of viruses. It includes Trojans, spyware, e-mail viruses, polymorphic viruses, MS Office viruses, riskware, mass-mailing worms, jokes, worms, adware, internet worms etc.    

For some reasons like virus activity or any other reason, you are not able to install an anti-virus, then this tool is the ideal thing you need at that point. The reason behind it is that its installation is not require, it can operate under both 32 and 64-bit Windows operating systems and also the continuous updates of Dr.Web virus databases makes it effective against all types of malicious threats and programs. General information is send to your computer by this tool and Doctor Web has an idea about in which state the information security is. Statistics gathering is provided optional for Dr.WebCureIT!. There are four types of detection methods associated with it namely, Signature analysis, Origins tracing, Execution emulation and Heuristic analysis.   

What we found out by using it is that the performance capabilities of Dr.WEB CureIt! is limited when you compare it with Dr.Web AntiVirus but it is able to perform effectively against the detected threats. The most advantageous thing we found about this tool is that it does not require installation and so we can use it when we don’t have option of any anti-virus.

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Dr.Web CureIt! 24 July 2021 Jul 24, 2021
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24 July 2021

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