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Easy Code for MASM freeware

Easy Code for MASM

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The development application is a highly specialized activity, and it is the best to the professional programmers to give the best results. It depends on their personal preferences, and the developers may go for one tool or any other. The coding of Windows program assembly can be done even with the help of a lightweight utility just like the Easy Code for MASM. The interface is unadorned and plain. However, it is very well organized. It has all the functions always ready in the hand. Hence, the development of the project can be carried out and begun with no problems in the way. It is equipped with all the advanced editing commands. The developer will need this software as it encourages the visual programming. The packages include the Microsoft Macro Assembler to link and compile the designs of the projects. It is designed on the IDE and uses the GeneSys, MASM32 and Easy Code user. It interfaces and looks like a Visual Basic and also allows you to program the assembler Windows application in a very quick and simple way that was never possible before.

You can use the shredder file the MIDI player and many more different applications.

It is one of the first "Interface Development Environments" that is visually based. For the Microsoft's Windows 32-bit based kit assembler. The Masm32 or GeneSys are some of the packages. It gives the IDE very stunning and amazing speed with quick results while designing a project. It requires a better atmosphere to work in and as it has no 16-bit support. The IDE was founded by the Windows NT 40, and it also operates on all the operating system that is released later in the market. It works fine on some all the computers like the Windows Vista, the Windows XP, Windows 95, Windows 2000, Windows 2008, Windows 2003 and all other Windows.

It works as a Unicode while its running on the Windows NT and further systems. In the ANSI mode, it works on the Windows ME, the Windows 98 and the Windows 95. This new code allows the Unicode to function in a quick and fast way. When the Unicode is running the dialog box in order to open it and save the files, the Unicode helps you do that. However, if once the file is selected, the names are always changed to the ANSI. In both the ways the Unicode or the ANSI the code editor the names and files are related to the ANSI for the compatibility.

Masm32 and GeneSys are available for no cost by most of the companies as they want you to know about the importance of having it. It is recommended that if you are using the Masm32 SDK, then you should install and download the Masm32 v10. If you cannot, then you must at least replace the User32.lib and the User32.In files with the ones coming with the Masm32 v10. It is not necessary to do it if you are already using the GeneSys SDK. Both the GeneSys and the Masm32 include the library compiler and more.

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Easy Code for MASM Sep 28, 2017 It fixes the following bugs:
Moving or sizing a window in the WM_CREATE message did not work.
Easy Code for MASM Sep 17, 2015 The 'IsModal' method always returned TRUE for 'MDIWindow' objects (an MDI window can never be modal).
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