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If you are a merchant who has got the least experience or knowledge in the technical jargons and know-how, but want to create a powerful and interactive ecommerce site with minimum cost and fuss, then you got to try to the EasyWare B2B Commerce. Whether you want the product to get accustomed to all the currencies, run on any kind of web server, and get compatible with wide types of payment providers, the EasyWare B2B Commerce is the perfect choice.

The functionality and summary of the EasyWare B2B Commerce is quite interesting and it has the extensive feature of supporting all as well as the major currencies. Even it can support various languages and gives the user the ability to create unlimited products and stores. There is no basic limit on the number of shopping carts and websites that one can create using this EasyWare B2B Commerce tool. The tool is quite easy to use and one does not require any kind of programming or web based knowledge to work seamlessly for this web based software.

Like other software like Dreamweaver, FrontPage, etc where one uses simple tree-like view and user interface for various major categories and sub categories. Here it also includes the powerful drop and drag feature which allows merchants to check out the web pages on the browser just before it gets published. It also has got a simple but powerful shopping cart tool which works in relation with other CGI languages and shopping cart present in the server.

Another distinct feature of the EasyWare B2B Commerce is that it has got unique strength. Most of the ecommerce software have the same kind of features. But what just sets them apart is how the particular feature gets implemented. But the EasyWare B2B Commerce strength is not based in basic implementations. The features are quite different from other ones available in the market. In addition, the EasyWare B2B Commerce one of the least complicated app that is there in the market. Not only it is user-friendly, it helps in removing the fear among the people with regard to using new technologies.

The best part of using the EasyWare B2B Commerce is that most of the first time users won’t have any difficulty in creating an interactive and powerful E-Store quickly and that too without consulting or accessing any help files. There is no doubt that the EasyWare B2B Commerce is standalone software and one won’t need to use any other kind of databases or additional software. Certain items may look good and cheap but after purchasing it you will really see that it requires additional tools to work. In case of Easyware all you need is a database app to work when compared to other ones which need additional software package. So, you cannot find out the proper monetary cost of those apps and determine them without taking into cost of the additional packages.

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Win2000, Windows 7 x32, WinOther, WinServer, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Other

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EasyWare B2B Commerce 7.006B
Aug 23, 2013
Changes to the fixed width of the generated web, Changes the size of the 'generate web' pop-up (webtools.java), reduce intances of "view generated web..." failure immediately after the web is generated.
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