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The Eclipse, Software Development Kit is also called as the (SDK). It which comprises of the Java development tools and is meant for the Java developers. The users are capable of extending its abilities by installing the plug-ins printed for the Eclipse Platform. Some are the development toolkits for additional programming languages. It can also write and add their own plug-in the modules. The software development kit (SDK) is generally a set of the software tools development which lets the creation of functions for a particular computer system. Software package, video game console, similar development platform, software package, software framework, operating system or hardware platform. It might be a bit as simple as the implementation of one or more (APIs) application programming interfaces in the form of a few libraries to interface. It is a particular programming language that includes a sophisticated hardware which can easily communicate with a certain embedded system. Some of the common tools such as the debugging facilities and some other utilities. Most of the time it is presented in an (IDE) integrated development environment. The SDKs also often include other supporting documentation or supporting technical notes and sample code that helps to clarify the points embedded by the primary reference materials.

The SDKs could have an attached license that could make them unsuitable for the building of the software and intend to be developed in an incompatible license. For instance, a proprietary SDK would probably be an incompatible with the free development software while the GPL-licensed SDK might be incompatible with the proprietary development software. The LGPL SDKs are totally secure for the proprietary development. A software engineer usually obtains the SDKs by the target system developer. Frequently the SDK could be directly downloaded with the help of the Internet. Many of the SDKs are offered for free to the encourage developers to make use of the system or language. Sometimes this is also used as a tool in the marketing industry. The QuickTime for Mac OS might include the add-on software itself to use for the development purpose, it is not essential for the redistribution together with the advanced product. This was an example of an SDK for an operating system add-on. An interesting circumstance arises here involving the platforms where it is possible to develop applications that can at least start upon the system configuration not including the add-on installed. Moreover, you could use a Gestalt-style of the run-time of the environment query in order to find out if the add-on is present or not. Also, the ones where the application would only fail to start.

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Version Change log
Eclipse SDK 4.14.0 Jan 7, 2020
Eclipse SDK 4.13.0 Sep 19, 2019
Eclipse SDK 4.12.0 Jul 12, 2019 Here are some of the more noteworthy items available in this release:
New features in the Platform and Equinox
New features for Java developers
New APIs in the Platform and Equinox
New features for plug-in developers
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