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The Elena is purely an object-oriented and polymorphic language, with late binding. It is used for the general purpose, and it promotes more program design. It is reusable and more standardized code. The language has the characteristics of the ElenaScript, the code mutation, and many others.

It is a development that is under active and is fun to follow. The ElenaScript does not have its own libraries, grammar, and interpreter. It is purely a set of instructions for the Elena VM to load the existing symbols into the memory and then send the messages. The main goal of it is to assemble the objects in the VM memory with the aid of the special rules. It is named as the dynamic self-assembling (DSA) when it is done through the Elena program. It could also be useful without the need in writing a special test program by your own objects. This system actually consists of the VM terminal and a very special engine script while working with the Virtual Elena Machine.

It is designed such that the Elena program can directly use it only if the program is the client VM. There are two types of script; actually, the first is the inline one that can directly be used by the VM, with no need of the script engine. The second is the grammar-driven in which the dynamic self-assembling and the context-free rules modify the script text and creates an inline one. This can be considered as an additional layer together between the VM and the client. It is an early alpha version and is still unstable at the very moment.

The symbolic reference is always supposed to be preceded by the parameter the same works for the message call. If in case there are no parameters, then the nil constant must be used. It is designed such that only generic messages can be used with no subject qualifier; it is done from the beginning itself. This current application permits it to only works with the applications that console. For the applications like GUI and the VM there should be made a special application. It is presumed that you should work with the LIB2 programs. All the files named as the .L extension is situated in the same folder and are compiled into the module corresponding. This project might offer a number of modules that contains the files present in the subfolders. The new module named as the namespace consists of the core one plus the path related to the folder. There is only a limited set of possible verbs available such as seek, run, get, set, add, and so on. In common the signature and the user defined, describes the message parameters. The message is considered as a generic and could be qualified only if the signature is not defined. It is fully programmed and fully supported. It saves the much time and helps you complete your work faster. It is the best for the ones who work with the computers all the time.

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Last versions of ELENA Integrated Development Environment
Version Change log
ELENA Integrated Development Environment 4.0.5 Sep 11, 2017 Fixing critical bug in external routine call
284, #283 : duplicate output nested fields
ELENA Integrated Development Environment 3.2.0 Sep 11, 2017 ELENA:
binary incompatible due to implementing issues #100 and #333
#100 : classOp : test if object is subclass of
#333 : multimethods
ELENA Integrated Development Environment 3.1.10 Jun 22, 2017 What's new:
#308 : Invalid lshift opcode when arg >= 32
#310 : wrong result with equals and not equals operator for long numbers
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