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Eraser is a special software which is designed for data destruction. It does not matter what the volume or size of the data is which the user needs to delete from their hard drives, Eraser is sure to be able to perform this function for the user. This software comes in many versions with attendant upgrades being done by the designer on each successive version.

Some people use Eraser as a kind of file shredder so as to just shred and destroy files which they do not need again on their computers. It can either wipe off the whole data on a hard drive or the user can select personal and particular files which they want to be gone from their PCs forever.

Eraser functions so well that data deletion can be scheduled and the program undergoes this task at a particular preset time.  There are many means and methods through which Eraser does its own sanitation to purge the computer of unnecessary files and downloads.  For people who want to avoid programs which do file recovery, Eraser is a great application to have as the software will help users avoid such programs. Eraser can be downloaded from

The scheduling capability of Eraser is wonderful, which means that a user can set up the wipe of a particular program at an appointed time. Eraser uses many sanitation methods to use to clean and wipe off data from hard drivers. These sanitation methods include Gutmann, Random Data and a host of other very effective data clearing and data wiping techniques to ensure that data which the user does not want or appreciate is completely wiped off from the hard drives.

Eraser works majorly and primarily with Windows Operating Systems and is supported by most versions of windows operating system. Although it functions very well in wiping clean, it cannot wipe the program files of the windows program which it is running on. This is a well thought out feature so as not to cause serious problems for people using the software if the software tampers with the operating system and as such the computer refuses to power on or even work again.

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