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The Euler Math Toolbox is used to handle the mathematical process. With the help of this software, you can able to make beautiful and nice graphics process along with good results. These great results are exported from the web pages to give the attractive mathematical presentation. This will give the mathematical presentation very attractive and impressive. You can able to make your presentation very easy and simple with the help of Euler Math Tool. You will able to make reliable and very quick mathematical computations by using the intervals, matrices, vectors, complex numbers and real numbers. In addition, you may also interact with the maxima system, algebraic systemrational numbers and symbolic  algebra.

This  software is user friendly for each and every people. The EMT is very essential one for the people, who wants to make mathematical statistics, mathematics, numerical optimization and integer mathematics for the beginning level student. There are more features has been available in this software, with the help of this software, you can able to make   very ebauiriful and pretty graphics presentation. The EMT is one of the open source projects. First, you should download this software for making different mathematical presentations. This will give the vest fast and best computations and graphics. The 2D scheme is used for all  plots of variables, planes and curves. The 3D plotes is used for two variables, 3D space, implicit plot and surfaces.

The Linear Algebra needs to give the best results of linear system, eigenvalues, singular values, numerical arithmetic, symbolic arithmetic and linear system. The Numerical analysis is used to solve the linear and non linear systems and equations. The differential equations are used to demonstrate the symbolic and numerical solutions to the people. This will give a variety of solutions to the people. The output and input files are used to write and read the files from the online. The statistics are one of the perfect software application to the EMT. This helps to introduce the statistical functions, plots and distribution. This will give the step to mae Monte carlo solution in EMT. The Fast Fourier transform series is used to give full explanation of FFT and also give steps to analyze and produce the EMT. The EMT has been using the Python code, compiled code and programming code to work with  mathematical actions.  

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Last versions of Euler Math Toolbox
Version Change log
Euler Math Toolbox 2020-05-06 May 7, 2020 Fixed the function drop(v,i) which now works only for row vectors v and i. The index vector can contain negative indices. Note that the index vector will be sorted by this function.
[10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20]
Euler Math Toolbox 2020-04-14 Apr 15, 2020 Alt-Backspace now deletes the commands as before and adds it to the undo buffer. But the undo buffer is cleared now for each delete unless the key is pressed several times without changing the current line. This allows deleting and inserting several successive lines.
Alt-U inserts the current undo at the current position in the notebook (i.e., in front of the current line). It also clears the undo buffer.
For more control, use Cut and Paste.
Euler Math Toolbox 2020-03-25 Mar 25, 2020 >nelder
Need string f, vector v, real d, real eps, args for f for nelder
Error in:
nelder ...
Improved the documentation of the elliptical functions.
>help ellrf
ellrf is an Euler function.
function map ellrf (x, y, z, eps)
Default for eps : none
Function in file : functions
Carlson's elliptic integral of the first kind RF (x; y; z).
The iteration is implemented in the Euler language.
x, y, and z must be non-negative, and at most one can be zero.
1/2 integrate(1/sqrt((t+x)*(t+y)*(t+z)),t=0..inf)
See: ellrd, ellf
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