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The eyeOS is one of the best and easy to use modern desktop used for accessing various entities from the devices like phone, PC, tablet, etc. You can work collaboratively and individually by creating projects, groups, calendars, sharing and creating files, walls, etc.

It is quite easy to use and using the eyeOS you can simply synchronize the various files between your PC and private clouds. Plus you can work with the data either offline or online and ensure that the eyeOS can make everything updated and proper. The latest technology from eyeOS is the eyeOS web engine which has the uncanny ability to convert any of the Linux and Windows app into a good HTML5 web application that can be simple to access from the desktop of eyeOS.

The eyeOS is not only interactive but one of the best private cloud app platform which has a web-based design and desktop interface. It is a common cloud desktop as it has got eyeOS interface which is quite easy to use. It is commonly called as a cloud desktop since it has unique file management tool, personal management tools, collaborative tools which are build based on the integration of the application apps.

The eyeOS assist professional companies in reducing and avoiding the development costs and that too by virtualizing the workspace of the employees. It helps in improving the mobility of the employees by easily accessing through various devices and components. Also, it assists in increasing the productivity of the various collaborative tools.

Basically, the eyeOS has got various innovative and best features which can help in reinforcing the basic social dimensions of the available platforms. This helps in making the delivery of the given hybrid and advanced desktop virtualization. Another extensive feature of the eyeOS is that it has got various sets of native clouds apps from a simple calendar to rich text editor. Plus you can do a complete and easy management of the files in the cloud server with the usage of the local synchronization.

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eyeOS 2.5 May 16, 2011 · This version means a “stop, think and continue” to our Roadmap, and fixes lots of small and big gaps in eyeOS that, even not being bugs, were annoying for the end users, such as missing features, non-ordered or non-designed places in the desktop and base apps, etc.

· eyeOS 1.8.5 includes also an updated default theme, which has been better organized and updates the default icon set, as usual, using Oxygen as a base.
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