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Eyes Relax freeware

Eyes Relax

Version: 0.87.4548.22214 | Size: 1.80 MB | Filename: EyesRelax-0.87.msi
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The Eyes Relax is a utility tool which is quite uncommon and rare among all the freeware and open source breeds. Download the Eyes Relax to automate your computer screens visual adjustment in such a way that is beneficial to your vision power and money saver. Yes, using the tool can save money for you as your display properties are the real influencers of your power consumption. With the Eyes Relax tool you can automate the control to your benefit.

If you are the one like me working 12 to 14 hours a day in front of a computer screen then you must be having some vision problem. It can start like looking clearly in brighter light and sometimes it is like insufficient light. Such vision impurity causes strain to eyes. Eyes Relax solves such problem. While doctor’s advice to take frequent breaks, it is not possible to follow all the time. Instead get the Eyes Relax.

Eyes Relax takes those break times into consideration and incorporate them into the program. It takes short and long term breaks. It creates sounds and informs you what to do during the break. Thus it gives your eyes rest and let the computer goes in sleep mode or hibernation.

The freeware Eyes Relax combine parental control which is password protection. This is important as whenever you will go for break, your kids may come to the computer and spoil your work. If you enable password protection this problem will be solved and the computer will remain locked.  Whenever you download the program do not forget to check its EyeDefender feature. It’s cool and protects your visions.

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