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Have you noticed when people text at night their screens usually have this funny blue glow or when they wake up sometimes they are almost blinded by the screens of their computers or phones. You know it is no fun when you have an idea to write down or a script to quickly type as you wake up only to find your computer so bright that the light enters your eyes with such fury that you are dazed for a moment.

When we use our computers during the day the screens look good and this is because they are designed to look as bright as the sun or as a florescent tube during this day. This is alright for daylight viewing. Yet, reverse is the case when the time is 9PM, 10PM, or 3AM, that time is certainly not the best of time to begin to look at the sun. This is what our computers do to us when we have to view them at this time of the day especially if we are in a dark room without any of our lights being on.

Flux is a wonderful software which takes care of this problem. Flux is designed to work with the time of the day such that it adapts the lighting and brightness of our computer’s display to what is acceptable at the particular time of the day.

Flux does this by making the colors of our computer to adapt to the time of the day.  Depending on time of the day, how warm or cold the night is and some other factors. This makes it possible for us to stay very late up because of our computers as it adapts brightness and makes us work on our projects.  Flux can make you sleep better and make your computer look better.

Flux works by making your computer room look exactly like the room in which you are doing your work. When sun shines, the computer is bright and makes your computer screen look like we are outside. When the sun sets, our computer make it look like we are indoors and keeps brightening up as morning approaches until it is totally bright again.

Sometimes we can set flux and tell it what kind of lightning we want and where we live. Once we have done this Then forget flux will do the rest, automatically and without prompting.

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