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FileSeek freeware


Version: 6.5 | Size: 7.30 MB
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When you have your PC stuffed with thousands of files and dozens of the folders. In fact, the technical files in a stuffed and overcrowded PPC are extremely challenging to find out. FileSeek offers a quick and single click search that scans your whole system and locate the desired file in seconds.

This application is a file searching tool for the power users who always require such type of help to locate and get the files or data they are looking for. It provides you a simple search bar where you are required to put a query relevant to your file data, name, saving the date or any other expression that can provide a minor clue to the FileSeek.

This application works properly with different Window Servers and it is 100% recommended and supported for the Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 in both 32 and 64 bits. The FileSeek is available in two general versions; free and paid. The Free version is available on hundreds of the software blogs and sites.

The Pro Version is a comprehensive, logical, unbiased and professional app for searching file. However, both of the versions are similar to download, install and complete the configuration process. It takes just a few minutes to accomplish the downloading and installation procedure on your system.

Users can select the Pro version of FileSeek for 30 days free trial that will expire once the maturity date is over. Now, this app is also available to download and run without the use of an installer. For this, you should visit the official website of Binary Fortress Software.

FileSeek is loaded with several interesting and inspiring features, like easy and fast search, profile searching plug-ins, Tabbed interface, advanced querying, setting sync, searching result actions, Email Parsing, compatibility and working with monitor split etc.

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7.30 MB

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Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of FileSeek
Version Change log
FileSeek 6.5 Mar 15, 2021 Change: Added a loading spinner on FileSeek startup
Change: New icon set
Change: Search history is now global instead of per-profile
Fix: Font in preview pane now scales correctly on multi-DPI setups
Fix: Now renders Hindi characters correctly in the preview pane
Fix: Improvements when using the "Line Range of Search" advanced setting
Fix: "Encoding Used" column now added to CSV and HTML exports
Fix: Editing a profile now triggers a sync
Fix: HTML search criteria is now in order
Fix: Image preview is now cleared when starting a new search
Fix: File Handler FAQ link in Settings window is no longer tiny
Fix: Other UI improvements
FileSeek 6.1.1 Jul 9, 2018 Change: Profile push syncing improvements
Change: FileSeek now has an option to also search the file that the found LNK file is pointing to
Change: General Fixes and improvements
FileSeek 5.2.1 Nov 24, 2016 Notice: FileSeek no longer supports Windows XP or Vista. To use FileSeek with these operating systems, you will need to use an older version of FileSeek
Notice: Now requires the .NET Framework 4.6 (installed automatically if needed)
Change: General UI and font improvements
Fix: Resolved an issue where FileSeek would sometimes show an error when viewing a search result
Fix: Fixed an issue with mouse wheel scrolling
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