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Free Google Translate Desktop freeware

Free Google Translate Desktop

Version: 2.1.92 | Size: 0.33 MB | Filename: ggtranslate.exe
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The Google Translate Desktop is the best ever desktop translating tool due to the features that it has got. Few among its prime features are the pronunciation, built in dictionaries, wider array of language translating capabilities. The sleek interface of the program connects with the integrated service and brings you result right on your desktop ensuring your ease of usage.

Under its pronunciation capabilities the Google Translate Desktop tool helps one to learn to read and speak foreign languages because it has a built-in powerful translation system that supports both word and sentence pronunciation in a fluent voice. It also supports importing different texts in various file formats for translation. This speeds up your translation skills and meets up your documentary communication needs. Simply open and copy the content from a TXT to the translate box because it supports translating the importing files directly, including `txt’,`ini’,`log’,`inf file formats. 

Users can also export the translated results in different file formats. Primarily the software will generate a txt version of file for translated content. You can manually save it by hand and this is very helpful in long article translating. The tool also supports Romanization of characters. For instance if you are translating Chinese language then those symbols are not too easily get converted into their Roman version. Pinyun comes as the solution and the Google Translate Desktop utilizes the same for your easier understanding.

It gets updated regularly even after being a freeware. The clipboard monitoring allows the user to set a target language. Google Translate Desktop can keep an eye on the clipboard and it will automatically detect the text on the clipboard and translate it into the target language without copy and paste the text to the translate box. It can automatically identify the Input Text since the target language is set, Google Translate Desktop automatically detects the input language and no matter what language the text is written, all the text will be translated into the target language as the user’s demand automatically. 

You can use the tool to view foreign websites written in a foreign language. Google Translate Desktop will help users with this issue and what one has to do is to put simply the target link of the web page, then the whole website will display itself in our language.

Many people are using social media sites like Facebook or Twitter to make friendship with people around the world. For them the Google Translate Desktop can stand as a great resource. With this tool, one is able to know and understand what a foreign friend is saying no matter the language. When reading foreign articles, one may want to read articles from foreign authors and not only articles but also even news from foreign countries but it is hard to understand the foreign languages. With Google Translate Desktop, the user can easily translate the whole article or news page into his or her own language. One can even translate a single word or sentence to the language that he/she understands and it will help them understand better the key of the main message of the article.

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Free Google Translate Desktop 2.1.92 May 5, 2014 * Change the algorithm to match Google Translate. * Optimize hotkey F11.
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