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Version: 6.9.3 B305 | Size: 48.60 MB | Filename: frostwire-6.9.3.windows.github.exe
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Introduce in September 2004, FrostWire was released as a fork or LimeWire. It is an open-source and free BitTorrent client. Initially, it has the same functionality and appearance as LimeWire. Over the eyars, FrostWire’s developers developed additional features including BitTorrent protocol support.

Previously a Gnutella client, FrostWire is now 100% BitTorrent client. It is capable of connecting to various Cloud sources and torrent search engines to search for free, public domain, and creative commons downloadable files. Users can see the results of their search within the app.

FrostWire can perform file streaming from the cloud prior to downloading. It begins the BitTorrent media downloads before the completion of transfers. Users can download the files they want with just one click. They can play, browse, and access the media easily in one location. They can create playlists and listen to them anywhere through the built-in audio player for Android.

Features include: faster download speeds, completely open source and free, guaranteed no Adware and Spyware, compatible with iTunes, faster Torrent speeds, BitTorrent support, chat rooms, more connections, and improved and new skins.

FrostWire handles torrent files and has a junk filter. It supports many Android devices. Users can preview the files they want to download first. FrostWire Plus for Android is both a YouTube and BitTorrent client downloader. Users can download images, eBooks, apps, movies, and music from the BitTorrent Network. FrostWire can also download files from SoundCloud and YouTube. It has Music Player and Music library.

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48.60 MB

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Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of FrostWire
Version Change log
FrostWire 6.9.3 B305 Apr 8, 2021 Telluride Cloud Video Downloader build 15
jlibtorrent- update
Telluride searches are much faster, telluride runs as an RPC server in background
openssl 1.1.1j upgrade
lt:fix incoming TCP connections when using tracker-only proxy
lt:fix issue with paths starting with ./
lt:fix integer overflow when setting a high DHT upload rate limit
lt:improve Path MTU discovery logic in uTP
lt:fix overflow issue when rlimit_nofile is set to infinity
lt:Fix cxxflags and linkflags injection via environment variables
FrostWire 6.9.2 B304 Feb 13, 2021 Telluride Cloud Video Downloader build 10
jlibtorrent- rebuild to fix linux compatibility issues
FrostWire 6.9.1 B302 Jan 18, 2021 jlibtorrent- update
Detects MozillaVPN
Soundcloud search fixed
lt:fix loading of DHT node ID from previous session on startup
lt:use getrandom(), when available, and fall back to /dev/urandom
lt:fix uTP issue acking FIN packets
lt:validate HTTPS certificates by default (trackers and web seeds)
lt:load SSL certificates from windows system certificate store, to authenticate trackers
lt:introduce mitigation for Server Side Request Forgery in tracker and web seed URLs
lt:fix error handling for pool allocation failure
Windows build reverts to jdk-14
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6.9.3 B305

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