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FxEngine is the advanced types of open C++ framework, which includes simple blogging and it has a very simplified architecture which highly supports for the data flow process by using this framework you can able to create own plugging based on the data format as well as the custom processing, this framework supports for various applications like image processing, control system, test &measurements as well as the signal processing.

Based on these frameworks you have wide chances to create several types of plug-in like splitter, analyzer, mixer as well as the reindeer. If you create the Fxs which will automatically allow you to link they and it will also add the sophisticated architectures by using the API. Additionally the FxEngine Framework is completely free; this framework is available Linux as well as Windows platforms.

FxEngine has simplified architecture is helping in the dataflow processing and it varies features if you install this you can able to have full control of your system.  The latest versions of the FxEngine Framework have caries unique features and it's completely differs from previous version, this FxEngine 5.1 version contains the links as well as the Windows versions.

This framework will include varied technologies and it provides longer supports. It contains new methods which helps in the file loading process additionally the VC8 gives completely support. The FxEngine 4.7 includes fix bugs which provides varies features and it accepts varies connections due to this you can able to execute the compatible libraries, moreover the updated versions include Microsoft visual. 

This framework helps for the video streaming it has the Dshow architecture and it works based on the stillcap. Moreover, it is the fantastic tool to receive the video data, and it helps to retrieve all the default videos, and it will use to stimulate the logic gates additionally if it receives any input, it creates the new value and it automatically transmits these values into next FX and it makes all the complicated process as simple. FxEngine interface contains various types of virtual methods it highly supports for the operation; this will helps to control the process of plug-in.

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