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Freeware - Orbiter 2016 screenshot


Free flight simulator that goes beyond the confines of Earth's atmosphere

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Freeware - Urban Terror 4.3.1 screenshot

Urban Terror

First person shooter, that will run on any Quake III Arena compatible engine

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Freeware - World of Tanks 9.20.1 screenshot

World of Tanks

Try an online battle experience with tanks from World War II

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Freeware - World of Warplanes screenshot

World of Warplanes

An action MMO game dedicated to the golden era of military aviation

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Freeware - Metin2 1.025 screenshot


Free the land of Metin in this Oriental adventure

Metin2 1.025 DownloadMetin2 like
Freeware - Checkersland 17.01.05 screenshot


Experience the game of checkers in a variety of forms with this simple video gam

Checkersland 17.01.05 DownloadCheckersland like
Freeware - JADMaker 1.21 screenshot


JADMaker creates a JAD file for your JAR files

JADMaker 1.21 DownloadJADMaker like
Freeware - ASCII GCTB 1.10 screenshot


Creates NFO, DIZ, or TXT files using inputs, boxes, templates and project files.

ASCII GCTB 1.10 DownloadASCII GCTB like
Freeware - Battle Tanks Game 1.01 screenshot

Battle Tanks Game

Pilot your battle tank through a hostile war zone.

Battle Tanks Game 1.01 DownloadBattle Tanks Game like
Freeware - YS Flight Simulator 20150425 screenshot

YS Flight Simulator

Choose from more than 50 airplanes and fly with or against your friends

YS Flight Simulator 20150425 DownloadYS Flight Simulator like
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