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The GE-Graph helps to generate the files, which are exported on the Google Earth. The GE-Graph is used to convert the shape files instead of using the KML converter. Once you enter all the data’s on the GE-Graph by using the table editor, this tool convert all shape files immediately. This will accept the CSV layout data in the spreadsheet in correct format. The proper format of CSV is Name, latitude, longitude, and value to plot. The GE-Graph has 3D type includes the polygons and this sides are arranged through the dropdown. In addition the Flat type is pinned in the ground and the colors are referring the data assessment. You can able to connect the data value to KML polygon shape file and these are using the designed shapes. This powerful software tool is used to make a Graph path to the Google Earth. 

This GE-Graph only access the 3D format and the heights have been varied based on the data assessment. The color of the flat polygon types are changed based on the data value. If you can set any color, you will use Color Scale division. The flat and polygon areas are plotted in the Google Earth. If you can make Google Earth, you will use graph Bars to create a Google Earth. You can able to use triangles, squares, circles and more. You have to enter different type of label content like place value and name. Attach files from new application like Excel, Word, Access and more.

You have to enter maximum and minimum values for selecting the color scale. If you want to create Google Earth though GE-Graph, you have to use well-matched KML 2.1 and GE4. You should read the KML polygon form. You have to use color scale for both bottom and top of the Google Earth. You have to use compatible GE with 5.0 versions. You should save this file like ecGrid.ocx. This tools and software are coming from different of non- government and government. This software tool is used to give educational, entertaining and fun activities. You can able to use this software tool freely manner. This will provide more accuracy, suitability and quality to the people.

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