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In the past, we had to manually calculate and draw function graphs and geometrical shapes. Luckily, it isn’t the case today.

GeoGebra is a geometry software pack. With it, you are able to solve equations, graph functions, analyze data, and much more in both 2D and 3D geometry. GeoGebra software consists of GeoGebra Graphing Calculator, GeoGebra Geometry, GeoGebra 3D Graphing Calculator, and GeoGebra Classic.

GeoGebra Graphing Calculator is designed for plotting functions, solving equations, finding special points of functions, and more. Among the features of GeoGebra Graphing Calculator are:

  • Plotting functions, polar and parametric curves.
  • Solving equations.
  • Experiencing transformations with sliders.
  • Receiving the special points of functions, including roots, min, max, and intersections.
  • Finding derivatives and integrals.
  • Doing regression.

GeoGebra Graphing Calculator is available on Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, as well as web browsers.

GeoGebra Geometry offers you to try interactive geometry with lines, circles, polygons, etc. GeoGebra Geometry allows you to easily construct geometrical shapes like parallel lines and intersect circles. Additionally, Geometry can help you with:

  • Exploring the interactive elements of the software by dragging points.
  • Easily measuring lengths and areas.
  • Transforming shapes through mirroring, rotating, and dilating.
  • Using advanced constructions.
  • Investigating construction steps of shapes for a deeper understanding of geometry.

GeoGebra Geometry is available on Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, and web browsers.

GeoGebra 3D Graphing Calculator allows you to try out geometry in 3D, which would be otherwise quite hard and time-consuming. With this app, solving 3D math problems, graphing 3D functions and surfaces will be much easier and quicker. Besides, GeoGebra 3D Graphing Calculator offers you to:

  • Create geometric constructions in 3D.
  • Create solids, spheres, and many other 3D objects.
  • Receive data of intersection points and cross-sections.
  • Play around with sliders, points, and shapes.

GeoGebra 3D Graphing Calculator is available on Android as well as via desktop browsers.

As for GeoGebra Classic, it essentially is an app that combines the functions of the others. But the separate versions are actually more straight-forward and in-depth in regard to geometry tasks. GeoGebra Classic 6 is available on Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Linux, iOS, and Android, while GeoGebra Classic 6 is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Classic is also available via desktop browsers.

GeoGebra also offers Augmented Reality version on iOS devices.

GeoGebra tools are exceptionally interesting. They allow both teachers and students to greatly save time and effort when solving geometry exercises. Plus, they can help students understand the subject better!

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Last versions of GeoGebra
Version Change log
GeoGebra 6.0.573.0 Feb 6, 2020 Graphing: same in exam and non-exam
More Symbolic Input Box improvements (including Vectors and the type can't be changed by typing "bad" syntax)
Bugfix: ggbApplet.setFixed() no longer triggers OnUpdate scripts
RandomElement({1/2,1/3,1/4}) works better
GeoGebra 6.0.564.0 Oct 29, 2019 New command CASLoaded()
Improvement for random numbers being updated on redefinition (eg when Input Box contents changed) - random numbers should be defined in their "own object" to take advantage of this
GeoGebra 6.0.562.0 Oct 15, 2019 Classic 5: fix for ggbApplet.registerAddListener()
Classic 6: fix for eg SetPerspective("S")
Symbolic Input Boxes working for eg f(x,y)
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